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MarkKO's Training Log


ZMA I think have helped me a bit, but not sure.
I think one of the reasons we sleep a bit to the poor side is our body is working overtime to recover from lifting.

We could all stop lifting for 14 days and see how that would affect our sleep.


Great input guys, thank you.

Woke at 232.3 lbs, again less bloated than yesterday. Decided to move training to tomorrow. Not exactly sure why, but there you go.


I’ve supplemented with ZMA and vit D for a little while now. It’s pretty cheep from BN. No idea if it adds to performance but I sleep 6-8 hours solid every night.




yep!! blasphemy. i slept way better when i was lifting. it’s alot harder now.


A couple things stood out to me in your post:

Fluoxetine is the SSRI that’s most likely to be activating or least sedating depending on the person and is the most likely to cause insomnia. I’d speak to your doc about this. There are SSRIs that more likely to be sedating. Granted, if it’s doing everything you want it to you might not want to take the chance of trying something that may or may not be as effective.


Sometimes there can be dangerous interactions, but often times it’s just the supp company CYAing. Many antidepressants can be sedating and then taking more compounds that are sedating can have additive effects which isn’t necessarily bad. Also, a lot of sleeping supps contain tryptophan or 5-HTP both of which are serotonin precursers. The worry is that this could cause serotonin syndrome which ranges from very mild to fatal. Most severe cases involve MAOIs, taking two antidepressants that both have strong affinity for the SERT, and/or copious amounts of illicit drugs. Unless you’re taking a high dose or are very sensitive to SSRIs it’s hard to imagine this would be an issue.

What’s the sleep supplement?

Of course, all of this moot compared to suffocating in your sleep. :slight_smile:


It’s made by BN. Called Max Sleep or something, contains 5-HTP.

But, like you say, if I’m suffocating in my sleep it’s all moot :joy:


Woke at 231.2 lbs, no bloating whatsoever.


I am sorry Mark, I know this hast been asked before but you log moves so fast that it is hard to find it: when is your next competition again?


@Koestrizer it’s July 15. I actually haven’t mentioned the date in a while. This week was week one of the peak, next week is fatigued max time and then I taper down.


Mid-session pumped up check-in. Best pump I’ve had in ages.


Today’s training

Pull-ups (9, ninth a bit iffy but just OK)

50 total reps at bodyweight: 30, 20

DB lateral raises
4x12x25 lbs - best pump I’ve had in a long time

Bench dips
50 total reps at bodyweight: 15, 20, 15 (did these off a barbell in a rack, which was kind of preferable to an actual box)

BB rows
6x176 lbs
2x6x198 lbs
6x220 lbs

Instructions were to keep the weight moderate.

50 total reps: 25, 10, 15 - did these in the GHR

Done in an hour


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(That’s a compliment)


Not sure why you had to add this, it was clearly a compliment :joy:


Something in the back of my head told me to do it

Maybe I’m the psychopathic one


Yeah, I totally took it as a compliment @danteism


Damn Mark
Looking good.
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I mean, I eat some weird stuff at times, but there are limits…


you shouldn’t eat it, you’re one of the butchers.


Woke at 230 lbs, mo bloat and looking decent.