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MarkKO's Training Log II

As Dagill says do a couple of pull ups every day.
this week do 3 reps every day, that could be 3 singles spread out over the day.
next week 4
One day rest day (sunday) next day monday do 3 sets of BW pull ups. Nothing fancy or anything.
That will not harm your big lifts and you’ll be better at pull ups.

Yeah, my training was specifically for climbing (and taking my shirt off around girls while climbing), so getting good at pull ups was pretty much the be all and end all.

I can definitely see how learning pull ups as a skill is in no way worth the risk of elbow issues for a powerlifter though.

Bad, bad idea for me.

Three days a week is already walking a fine line.


It’s really easy for us hundred something pound guys to forget your pull ups are moving far more weight than ours.

Feel free to take that as a “fuck, you’re strong” or “fuck, you’re fat”.


It’s more what you said, I’m moving more weight. So I need to be more careful of volume and frequency.

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Dang, I missed the locking of a log and I’m 25 posts behind in the new one.

I’ve never experienced elbow issues with pull ups but I think skull crushers are beginning to do the trick.


Originally came in here to comment on the sneaky core work that is reverse lunges.

I’d agree to with being smart about pullup training if elbow health is a concern. Mark actually gave me advice a couple years ago when I developed a fun elbow.

Congrats dude on locking out a log!

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Woke at 252 lbs, looking pretty similar. Slept for a long time, didn’t wake as much but with no CPAP it hasn’t left me feeling particularly refreshed. More stiff and with a slight headache.

Well, I expected this so no big deal. It’s only for a few days.

I think it’s an individual thing. My elbows are prone to blowing up from pullups and squats. Skull crushers have a reputation as elbow wrecker so I replace them with JM ptrsses. Maybe something you could try?

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Thanks man.

I don’t know if it was the reverse part or the goblet part but they were one of the few times I’ve found an exercise that taxes two parts equally.

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Extra workout

50 pull aparts
50 air squats
50 reverse hypers
50 crunches

Looks like this is how I do the extra workouts now

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Due disclosure, my set of 50 for everything except pullups is 10, deep inhale/exhale, 10, etc. So maybe doesn’t count.


Also, random thought I had.

Night before last, no CPAP. Woke up frequently, and time in bed wasn’t long because I had to get up early. Woke up tired but feeling pretty good.

Last night, no CPAP. Woke up maybe once, but was in bed a long time because it was the weekend and munchkin actually slept in. Woke up tired and feeling like shit: stiff, headache, heart pumping and this persisted through the day.

So, I sleep less time and wake feeling better. My hypothesis is that this is because I have fewer apneas. That means less stress on my body: fewer heart rate or blood pressure spikes, fewer oxygen level drops, etc.

So until I get the new adaptor for the CPAP, I’m going to actively try to sleep less.

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Woke at 252.4 lbs, looking a bit less bloated. Feeling a bit better too which lends credence to my sleep less idea: got up much earlier.

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Todays training

Two rounds pull aparts and kb bottoms up press

Bench press
8x253 lbs
5x253 lbs

Another 13 rep AFSAP, pretty sure 8x253 lbs is a rep PR

CGBP to a one-board
2x5x231 lbs

JM press replacing skull crushers
3x5x143 lbs

Probably came down too low (mouth, not forehead) on these but whatever. Still hit my triceps

Bent over DB row
5x10x55 lbs

These are such a great row

Band facepull

Fifty-five minutes


Makes sense…I guess you could make up for it with a few naps

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Maybe, but I figure I’d avoid naps to avoid apneas as well.

Have you heard about our sleep cycles? I once read that it takes is 90 minutes to go through the whole cycle and we just repeat it over and over. If we wake up at the end of the cycle then we feel refreshed. If we don’t then it interrupts the cycle and we feel groggy.

That means that seven hours of sleep might be better than eight. I seem to like nine hours.

Perhaps you woke up at the wrong part of your sleep cycle yesterday.

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Woke at 252.4 lbs, looking much the same.

@JMaier31 That also explains why I felt better after a night of waking frequently. The new adaptor comes this week though and I’m glad because I know what’s going on without it.


Does feeling fresher when waking up mean better sleep as far as gains is concerned? I mean u can sleep 2 cycles then wake up feeling aight and go for it then