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MarkKO's Training Log II

Forgot my old log was getting close to running out of posts. I’m low-key pleased I get to have a second log because my first one reached its limit.

@Guineapig gets the last word on there. Yes, looks like Scot doesn’t make bars any more. They’re good, knurling too sharp for reps though.

@mortdk that’s a good setup, but a little too advanced for me. There’s no such thing as a warmup set of pullups for me yet. They’re like loading four plates on the bar and squatting it straight up.


First one in.


I dunno what a fresh or well maintained Valhalla deadlift would be like but this one has like rust all over it. Tetanus gains

Edit not first :frowning:

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I think you get the picture…
it’s not rocket science, you can do 3 sets of 5 then 1 set of 4 is not as taxing.
Do it once a week, you know the singles with short breaks from Gregs work.
You’ve familiar with on heavy rep and you know what a dropset is.
It was for once a week to do, the rest just do BW pull ups.

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Fresh is painful. Sharper than an Okie. Which, IMO is the best DL bar I know of.

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I’ll think about it.

Those 3x3 weighted felt good though. Plus I don’t have a 25 lbs plate or anything.

Back pack and sand bag

Yeah, there’s that.

I’d just advocate against weighted pull ups before you can bang out several sets of 10
All right then
Try this one next time.

3 cluster sets with the bell.
5 singles with 15 seconds rest each set.
Last set, after the last single do a drop set with BW

OR as Simo says back pack


My StrongArm sport sumo deadlift bar is the best.

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I’m just very iffy about clusters or short rests with pullups. I’ve tried before and it doesn’t work well, I can’t set up right and it fries my muscles.

Most likely it’s because I’m still really unfamiliar with them. I know how to do them, I can do them, but if I add in the fatigue from clusters or falls apart.

Start with 30 or 45 second rest and only 2 or 3 reps. Build from there.
I suppose you’re still doing several pull up workouts a week, this is only once a week.

you can to DL clusters with a thousand pounds and 10 sec rest, come on Mark bad excuse.
You just did 3 sets of 3 + a set of 5 BW

Next week try it out, see if you can do it

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I’m in to follow this new training log to see what kind of progress this young man can make when starting his strength and fitness journey.


Young man can barely do a few pull ups. Maybe not the greatest genetic potential but in the end it’s about self improvement


Ok, I’ll give it a shot.

I’m doing pullups as part of Monday’s extra workout, I’ll play around with them then. Instead of 2x5 I’ll try 5x2 with short rests.

Deadlifts and stuff are easy though. Like squats, or bench. I know how to do them without really thinking about it. I mean, I have to think about the cues, but that’s all. Pullups are different. Every rep is still a surprise.

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In for the new log.

For what little it’s worth, the best way I’ve found to get good at pull ups is to do a lot of them. You can structure it if you enjoy that kind of thing, but bottom line is to do a lot of them.

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That’s the general consensus.

I have to add caution to make sure I don’t fuck my elbows. So, lots and often but not too many or too often.

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Congrats (?) on maxing out a log lol.


Pretty much, yeah. When I was climbing, I’d knock out 20+ pretty easily and my “training” was to do lots of submaximal sets, on a variety of grips, throughout the day, every day. Over a few years, pull ups went from about 5 to 20+ with no other pull up training.

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It’s a funny thing for me, because I want to get good at pullups but not at the expense of my money lifts. Or size. Sure, I’m losing weight but only so I can put more on.