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Marketing a Local Meet?

Hey Guys,

I am a Perf. Coach at a gym in SC. I convinced management to let me put on their first ever Push/Pull meet. I was wondering if you guys know if it is permissable to post a meet on here? Also, are there any other forum’s that you have had success posting meets? Non-sanctioned, just for fun push/pull. I am plastering local gyms, and hitting our three clubs, etc. . . As well as hitting as many of the gyms that I know of in major cities within a few hours driving distance. Any other ideas would be a great help. I have competed in dozens and dozens of meets, but this is my first one that I will be putting on. So in addition to advice, prayers are welcome too… haha. Thanks guys (and gals).

2 things:

  1. powerliftingwatch.com has a pretty large base – it will help people find your meets
  2. Facebook is really good for advertising your meets, and it won’t take long to get a decent looking page up and running that has the basics (location, date & time, rules, federation info, etc)

Facebook is covered… Thanks for the plwatch plug.