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Market Collapse Tomorrow?


Where's the big bang?

This is what we were promised by the internet chicken littles.

They said it would happen within 10 days or less.

Well, those predictions are running out of time.


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I have said that there will be a suckers' rally. Then it will dawn on people that the same guys who allowed the disaster to happen are now the same guys who supposedly will put Humpty Dumpty back together again. Why should we believe them capable of that? Did they suddenly take genius pills?

When this realization hits, that's when the really bear market will growl. But for now, play the suckers' rally; just be sure to use limit orders and perhaps puts if your portfolio is big enough. When it cracks, I'd look for a down day of at least 1000 points, with a target of 3000 on the Dow.

(BTW: if you had predicted an 8500 Dow one month ago, you'd have been laughed at.)


There WILL be a suckers rally tomorrow. Perfect day to make some quick moolah........

futures are way up! Dig in, t-suckahs ..........


However optimistic one is, it's not exactly unreasonable to believe things are going to get worse.

The world financial system is teetering on the "brink of systemic meltdown", the head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has warned in Washington.


Have you been paying attention the last two weeks? The markets do not need to tank in one day to lose all their value. Now that lenders do not have any transparency with their borrowers you can expect the giant credit crunch to take hold. Since we have an economy that is based on credit and not saving there is going to be a very tight squeeze.

More misery to come for the markets.


Don't look now, but the Dow's up 500:


But is still down 2000 points from its high in less than three months.


I am thrilled that this problem has been resolved and we can now get back to business.


Todays collapse made me a killing.


My god......... 936? I guarantee that tomorrow it drops down like, 500 points.

Looks like the market is being "gamed" to me.


How very perspicacious of you!


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The future?


Of course not. The market was overvalued and the bubble burst. It's not like our actual ability to produce wealth has completely disappeared. It's still here.






You should preface your post by stating that almost no economists use the word "inflation" the way you do. Certainly no layperson uses it the way you do. I've noticed that your definition is popular among conspiracy nuts though. BTW, that wasn't a thinly veiled ad-hom. If you are a conspiracy nut I haven't noticed.


He's not a conspiracy nut. He is just prone to make up his own definitions to words he needs to make an argument. It happens all the time with him.


The definition I use is popular among people who actually understand economics. Even still, rising prices do cause market's value to rise.

Why should we use the definition that is used by the very institution that inflates currency?

The fact that the Fed just pumped in over 1 trillion dollars into the banking system IS a conspiracy. It is premised on the idea that it can control what it calls inflation (rising prices) and unemployment at the same time. The only tool at its disposal is actual inflation.

Conspiracies do happen. All it takes is an idea and enough people to act on it. Political correctness is such an idea.