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Markdp's Training Log

Well, I’ve been fucking around too long and need to set some goals. Want to get to low bf% then slowly gain to 200. Sitting at around 10% right now and would like to get down to 7%, head back to maintenance for a little while than start slowly gaining. I’m about 6’2" 190.

I’ll try to post total kcal and workout each day. Going to be following an intermittent fasting plan to see how I feel. It’s my second day so far, and ya there is a little hunger maybe once or twice in the morning, but it sure is cool to be able to have some big meals later in the day while still being in a pretty good sized deficit.

Today’s workout: Legs w/ hammie focus

SLDL: 10x135, 10x225, 10x315, 5x345, 10x275
Lunges w/DB’s: 8x50lb dbs, 7x65lb dbs, 7x65lb dbs
Leg curls: 10x190, 8x205

Thoughts: Ugh, trying the fasted workout today… had my workout at around 12:30 w/ my first meal coming at 1:45. Honestly, my strength felt fine on my first exercise, but after the lunges I was completely wiped. I just started switching to two leg days a week, as I really feel I can’t adequately hit my hams and quads on the same day, I am usually too tired after the first exercise. I think the fasted workouts are fine, as long as they don’t last too long. I could have pushed through but pussied out.

2000 kcal, ~230g PRO

Well that’s lame. I typed out a long ass post last night and it didn’t go through.

Workout 10/4: Shoulders

HS Shoulder Press (one arm at a time): 10x55, 10x100, 10x125, 5x145 R 2x145 L
Standing Military: 10x95, 10x115, 7x135 (these were closer to push presses)
Lateral and Front Raise Supersets: 15x30, 12x40, 6x50 (laterals) 5x50 (front)

Cardio: 1.3 miles in 12 minutes

Thoughts: HS Shoulder press was down from last time when I hit a HUGE pr (8x145 R, 5x145 L). I figured it would be but tried my ass off. Standing militaries I probably shouldn’t even do because of my shoulder issue but I’ve noticed that since I’ve incorporated them my shoulders have really gotten stronger on the HS Shoulder Press. Laterals and front raise supersets killllll me, the burn is crazy!

Pussied out, usually do rear delts and I will next time… should probably do these before the laterals and fronts.

I’ve had high BP lately (in the 130/85 range), and I’m guessing it’s from how much salt I consume. I’ve done the math and I think I’ve been getting close to 10,000mgs a day (OMFG!). There is salt in EVERYFUCKINGTHING. Even the bread I buy, 150mgs a slice (it’s the high fiber, 70kcal/slice bread.

Well, fuck this. No more peppers, no more hot sauce, no more putting salt in my oatmeal. Done. And I am going to start doing cardio after weights. Used to be able to run 3 miles in 17:30 on the treadmill… can’t even get close to that now.

2050 kcal, 260g PRO

Oh, and loving IF, loving it. Get wayyyyy more done in the morning and just have more energy… hopefully as I get to lower BF% this is still true.

Workout 10/5: Back

HS Iso Low Row done one arm at a time (think that’s what it’s called): 15x45, 12x90, 12x135, 10x180
HS Pulldowns done one arm at a time: 10x135, 10x180, 5x205
Deadhang Pullups: 13xBW, 10XBW, 6xBW
Fatman Pullups from rings: 8xBW, 12xBW, 10xBW
Kroc Rows: 25x100

Cardio: .25 miles

Thoughts: Ugh I was wiped by the time I got to cardio… should probably reserve it for non-back days. All in all I did pretty well, hit a PR from last week with the HS pulldowns on the last set.

2000 kcals, 260g PRO

Another great IF day… I know three days isn’t enough to really gauge, but I think I could do this for a while. Then again, once I start hitting 3500 kcal a day, it might not be so easy.

Workout 10/6: Run 3 miles in 26 minutes.

Not sure on my kcals, did an all day fast till 5pm then pigged out on Sushi made to order all you can eat. I’m guessing close to 2300 kcals with probably around 160 or so grams of protein (having a protein shake now w/40 grams to try to at least hit that macro). Delicious. Although now I feel like I could crash and it’s only 8:30.

Workout 10/7: Chest

Small decline DB Bench: 70x10, 80x10, 90x10, 100x7
Smith Machine Incline (just counting the weights, not the bar which prob weighs 20 - 25): 10x140, 10x160, 6x170
Chest Fly: 10x180, 10x220, 10x260
DB Curls: 30x10, 40x10, 50x10

Thoughts: Volume was low today, as I tried another fasted training workout. Just don’t think it is for me. I can keep up the same weights, but I just don’t want to hang with any sort of volume, and felt pretty tired after the smith machine incline.

Kcals ~2800 130g PRO - Had some beers and food with some friends. Thursday night - Saturday night always seem to be the toughest for me… fuck, I always want to do something because I’m single and that usually involves going out and drinking and rationalizing ;). I am going to try to do my best on the weekends. I will stick to the IF, and will try to get my protein in while not going over my kcal allotment.

10/8: Off - 3800 Kcal 250g PRO
10/9: Off - 2400 Kcal 280g PRO
10/10: Legs (Quad Focus)

Squats (Haven’t done these in 3 years, usually do front squats): 10x135, 10x185, 8x225
Front Squats: 10x135
SLDL: 10x135, 10x225, 10x315
Leg Press: 15x4PPS, 15x5PPS, 12x6PPS, 10x7PPS
Single Leg Curls: 10x70, 10x85, 10x100
Calf Raise: 10x195, 10x225, 10x255, 7x285

Thoughts: Usually don’t take two days off in a row but just wasn’t feelin it on Saturday. Friday night went out and had a big ass three meat burrito, probably 1200kcals. De-li-cious.

Back on it on Saturday, even though went a little bit over for a rest day. Sunday was good, had about 2200kcal and 230g PRO. Today will be shoulders then hopefully a 2 mile run… ugh better not pussy out!

Still liking the IF, even though didn’t really follow it on Friday. I could try and rationalize but I’d be lying to myself :slight_smile:

Workout 10/11: Shoulders

HS Shoulder Press (one arm at a time): 10x55, 10x100, 10x125, 7x145 R 4x145 L
Smith Machine Military Press (Just weights counted): 10x90, 10x140, 10x160, 5x180
Lateral and Front Raise Supersets: 15x30, 12x40, 6x50 (laterals) 5x50 (front)
Rear Delt Pec Deck Machine: 12x160, 12x190, 12x22

Cardio: 1.6 miles in 14 minutes

Was pretty happy today as hit a kinda PR (better than last week but not best ever) on the HS Shoulder Press. Did some cardio, but not really steady state. I prefer to run at a 10 for a minute then go to a 5 or 6, then bump it up, kinda like HIIT. Just too damn boring going the same speed the whole time.

2200 Kcal, 220g PRO
Had first meal at 12:30 and last one at 10… meh, close enough 9.5 hours is a little more than IF recommends but getting too strict probably doesn’t matter as long as you hit your kcals, protein, and try to get your food in after you work out.

Didn’t do a fasted workout today. Not really sure if I am going to anymore except for the weekends when I like to work out earlier in the day. I used to work out at 10 - 11AM on the weekends but bumped it back a bit on Sunday.

For some reason I was a little hungrier this morning than I have been since I started, kept thinking about food… guessing I was just bored, working from home can do that at times.

Workout 10/12: Back

Dead Hang Weighted Pullups: BW+45x10, BW+60x5.5, BW+70x2.5, BW+45x8 Superset BWx8 (these last weren’t dead hangs, but went most of the way down)

BB Rows: 10x135, 10x185, 10x205, 7x225

HS Pulldown (one arm at a time): 15x135, 12x160, 7x180

HS Low Row (think that is what it’s called): 15x135, 12x160, 10x180

Cardio: None, too tired.

Thoughts: Felt good today, thought I’d hit a PR in pullups but it just wasn’t there. Probably could have done cardio but just wasn’t feelin it. I’ll make up for it tomorrow. Probably won’t hit chest, I’ll wait for Thursday as my back, legs and shoulders are fried.

I can feel my abductors big time from squats. I also feel really sore high up on my quads. For some reason back squats always give me this soreness; forgot about it since it’s been so long.

2100 kcal 250g PRO

Workout 10/13: Biceps, Abs, Traps, Calves

Strange workout today… pretty much hit everything that wasn’t sore.

DB Curls: 10x25, 8x35, 8x45, 8x55
DB Shrugs: 12x70, 12x80, 12x90, 12x100
DB Pinwheel Curls: 8x40,8x50, 8x60
Cable Crunches: 15x135, 15x150, 15x165, 13x180
Cable Curls: 10x60, 10x70, 8x85
Calves (forget the name of machine): 15x150, 12x180, 12x210, 10x240, 7x270

Cardio: Sorta a Crossfit circuit…

10 x Burpee Pullups
10 x Squat Thrusters w/ 95lbs
15 x 50lb (or so) Kettlebell swings
8 x Burpee Pullups
8 x Squat Thrusters w 95lbs
12 x 50lb Kettlebell swings

My goal was to go 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 but I was wiped after the first two go throughs.

2350 Kcal 230g PRO