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Mark Vergesten?

Hey Guys,

What does everyone think of Mark Vergesten’s material? To be honest I picked his Core Training book up and I’m really impressed with what’s in it. It’s a seriously amazing book and looks to be really helpful in fixing up muscle and strength imbalances/problems, both major and minor.

Well, in general, the guys that preach “functional” training scare me…you know the ones that think squatting one legged on a Swiss ball curling a dumbbell in one hand while whacking off in the other, all at the same time BS really makes zero sense to me!

Mark is a typical “buzzword” guy, but he’s really nothing more than a marketer of himself and API, and actually, he’s quite good at it too!

He does seem to be very good at identifying imbalances whether it’s strength or ROM, but outside of that, I’m not sure how good he is.

well, to be honest, i didn’t see many people putting out the material he did 'til a year or so after he got popular. some of his stuff is “spot-on,” while some of it seems kind of impratical to me. either way, i think he makes some good points, and you can take what works from his book(s)

i did buy his book, as well as his foam roller (with instructional DVD)…nothing, and i mean nothing, helps my back pain like that roller. good stuff…

I like his books for the non workout content. I’ve read all 3 of his Core Performance books.

Core Performance - May 2005
Core Performance Essentials - Dec 2005
Core Performance Endurance - Dec. 2006

By this I mean (using his terms):

Movement Prep

elasticity is so so depends on which book you get

Essentials has a little less content than the original book but is laid out a little better and he has done a few things differently.

Endurance has a lot of great stuff on imbalances and the stuff in there is a bit more involved than his previous books but it’s obviously geared to marathoners…etc I think this one has the best material in terms of regeneration though.