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Mark Sanchez Girlfriend


why is everyone making a big deal over his gf being 17. I mean why does it have to be a "scandal" when he himself is 24. Why are people so obsessed over issues like that? Didnt girls younger than 17 marry older guys all the time not less than 50 years ago?



I was always under the impression that being 18+ to give legal consent was a federal law... but 16+?? Really New York??


My question is, why would he go out with a 17 year old in the first place. He could probably rake in tons of hot, older chicks. Why go out with someone who still has the highschool mentality.


Meh, nothing wrong with that.

She's the age many enter university at.


I know older guys (late 30's-early 40's) who have always found themselves most attracted to women 18-21. It's never changed as they've aged.


This is an old story.

I think calling this chick his "girlfriend" is being generous and all the bs with the attorney certainly smells fishy.

Speaking of smelling fishy.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNPSHiQOuas

God I love that boy!!!


Do you know Mark Sanchez? If not,don't worry about it and just watch him fuck up every Sunday......


Ah, American laws...

So, suddenly a girl turns 18 and she's mature and prepared enough to date a guy over 18, but few hours before she was, legally, not allowed.


No, that is not how it works. But can you propose a better way of deeming a girl mature enough to sleep with an adult? No, you can't


wow...that was blown so far out of proportion. I deem all parties involved idiots. Did anyone catch the part about the girl's mom taking her clubbing since she was 15?


How's not?
Adult with under 18* = Illegal.
Adult with over/and 18 = Legal.

Yes, I do, own judgement. Or are European 13-17 years old girls more mature, by default, than American (and Turkish to that extend) girls?

*Depending the estate I guess.


So you propose giving everyone the right to make their "own judgement" as to whether or not they are mature enough to be having sex with adults? You have to see the flaws in this...

What i was saying is that being under 18 does not mean you don't have the maturity to have sex with older people just as being over 18 doesn't mean you do have the maturity for it. Everyone knows that including those who wrote the law. But the problem is, you can't define when each individual girl and boy in this country is mature enough to have sex with older people, so even though it is flawed, setting an age marker is the best option.


Lol the high school "mentality". Believe me my man by 17 they've already adopted the "mentality" I know you're hoping for haha.


It works for us Europeans, no?

I don't think the teenager pregnancy numbers are too different...and from there we have to discount the children they had with other teenagers as well. And I'm willing to bet that there's more pregnancy/STD risk when both are minor due to lack of experience and knowledge, but this is relative and person-depending of course.

Age of consentment in Europe is as low as 13 (Spain) although all countries have some additional laws about it. If you are in a position of power or you lie or deceive in order to have sex with a minor, then you are in big troubles. This is up to 16 or 18 years old, depending the country.


what does this hussie look like? if shes getting with Sanchize she's gotta be a dime piece


17 in NY...Or 3 years younger from 18-19




She's nothing spectacular. And btw, I just don't think a 17 year old has the mental maturity to have a relationship with someone in there 20s...More power to you if you can make that shit work, but I can just see that being annoying, as in 17 year old girls are annoying.


This is really really sad. Mark sanchez is a beautiful guy (all homo), why the hell is he hooking up with this avg looking child? She must drain the cock


Maybe. But I'm more concerned about cranky old white dudes who portray themselves as young black men on internet forums just so they can twist contextual details to make blacks appear inferior.