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Mark Lloyd Diversity Czar


How much more info do we need to see before we realize there is a Marxist in the White house.



I was saying a year ago here we were headed for a marxist in the white house if this guy got elected.

This wasn't tough. Every single bit of evidence available on Barack Obama was screaming MARXIST!!!!!!

If people want that in a president then fine, but know what you're supporting. If Obama supporters are also marxists then just say so and we can talk like grownups. It's all this

stuff that's killin me.

I respect Van Jones in as far as he owns like a man what he believes as wrong as he is. If you support Obama you support Marxism plain and simple. If the thought of a transformed America with suffocating federal power doesn't appeal to you then it is not possible to support this administration and remain consistent.


Many on here called me names for saying a lot of this stuff a year ago. The nicest of these was that I was an 'extremist'. Nothing like I was saying could EVER happen here, no never.

Now we all have to pay.


With the info we have now, it should be pretty easy to start convincing people.


Don't hold your breath.


The evidence is there. Obama is a nazi. ...and he's creating a gestapo from the peace corps and nascar!


I can't figure out if you are brain dead, or are you just trolling.


*Must watch


Hey, keep it up dude, you'll get drink from the Golden Hose some day.


TME how about you comment on the facts?

I will continue to bring facts to everyone. Keep on calling me names it only discredits you.


You don't post facts, you just ape Beck's talking point for the day.

Post something based in reality and I'll comment. Keep posting what Glenn tells you to squawk about and I'll continue to laugh at you for being a simple idiot.


Its amazing how everyone who listens to him talk seem to figure out he always presents either facts or questions. Both which are better then any other news agency is able to come up with.

My last video had nothing to do with Glenn Beck, I found that all on my own.

And its ok if you never listen, but understand closing your ears and eyes wont make the facts go away. Maybe one day you will grow up and actually figure this out.

So go ahead and act like a child, it only discredits you.


Could you laugh at me too please?


Ugh, these people's ideas and thoughts are out there in the written word and on video. People like Glen Beck are just bringing them to light. You can go check on the facts and sources, but you won't.

Tough to find out you voted for a Marxist, isn't it?


Since you seem convinced that Obama is ruining America, maybe you can make a list of the rights that you have lost because of President Obama. (Patriot Act wouldn't count- Bush started that crap). Not a list of your fears, lets get down to concrete examples of changes that have actually happened already, that Obama has enacted.


Simple, 787 billion dollars that I will have to pay back, my kids will have to pay back, and my grandchildren will have to pay back.

Interest rates at 0-.5% blowing up the housing bubble

Continuing to print money

Everything he has just done is the reason we will be entering/have entered the second great depression. Now before we get bush did this too, let me say yes he did. But Obama saw the edge of the cliff and instead of hitting the breaks hit the gas peddle.


Technically speaking, the idea is that you PREVENT yourself from losing rights. Therefore fears are at least understandable. Some conservative people posted the same retarded question you just posed when liberals were screaming about GW being Hitler.


John, do you believe that interest rates are controlled by the presidency?


Clearly you don't live in New Orleans be cause if you did you'd be dead now.

The clear evidence is there's a hurricane headed your way, but when warned you respond with:

"Since you seem convinced that Katrina is ruining New Orleans, maybe you can make a list of your losses because of Hurricane Katrina. Not a list of your fears, lets get down to concrete examples of damages that have actually happened already, that Katrina has caused."