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Mark Henry, What If?


After seeing Benni's 1015 this past weekend, it made me think of Mark Henry's 900 that he did when he was only 19 (I believe) We all know Mark was an Olympian, and went on to more successful things in the WWE so on and so forth. But what if Mark stuck with powerlifting? He had to my knowledge a high 800 squat along with that 900+ DL. Do you think mark would be deadlifting 1,000+ right now? Just curious to pick my fellow lifter's brains. Lets keep the hyperbole and accusations to a minimum, mark pulled his 900 in the USAPL, who drug tests.


Well, number one, the only reason there are drug tests is because everyone is on drugs.

Kind of hard to tell because I have no idea how he trained. Why did he stop powerlifting? Injuries? Also, when Benni held the world record previously, wasn't that 970 something at 19 years old?


Yep, drug tested doesn't mean drug free . There's a lot more money in pro wrestling than lifting .