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Mark Henry & the Inch DB

This weekend Mark Henry became the first man in history to CLEAN and PRESS the Inch Dumbbell. For those of you who aren’t sure what the Inch Dumbbell is…It’s a 172 lb thick handled DB that most extremely stong men can’t even pick up. Even grip masters can’t budge it off the ground and Mark Henry cleaned and pressed it. Alot of people look down on Mark for being a “Wrassler,” but he is a bonafide strong SOB. Just wanted to share that with everyone, I was impressed.

I wish he had stuck with olympic lifting. he was a sure gold medal if given a few more years.

I may be mistaken but I thought Bill Kazmaier made this lift several years ago.

Kazmeier didn’t clean it, he continentaled it up to his shoulder, meaning he used his legs to “throw” it up to his shoulder

Kazmaier & Jesse Marunde kicked it up with a knee while Phil Pfister touched one end with his free hand. Mark Henry is one strong dude (like a 904 deadlift) but he isn’t really a legit strongman nor powerlifter nor oly lifter anymore. It’s too bad he never put his heart into lifting, he could have broken every record possible. While maybe not the rule, I think that’s common for someone with a gift like that. Every grip master is able to at the very least, lift an Inch replica off the floor. They wouldn’t be a grip master otherwise. David Horne has almost cleaned a 2 1/2" (same thickness as a Coke can-compared to 2 3/8" for an Inch replica) thick dumbell weighing 172lbs. He said he’d have trouble with the overhead, but Joe Roark said he doesn’t care how it’s put overhead, he wanted to see it cleaned.

the inch dumbell is 2 cannonballs with a 2 1/2 inch handle and rolls away when you try to grip it.