Mark Felix 400kg Deadlift

Mark performed a competition standard 400kg deadlift yesterday at the Sugden Classic: Mark Felix 280kg - 400kg deadlift @ the sugden classic - YouTube

A report and results for the day is here:

There was also one 400lb clean and jerk, a 190kg clean, a 310kg deadlift PB aged 47.

Mark is just ridiculous. I remember seeing a vid of him snatching some stupidly large dumbbell for reps after some injury or something??

He is one of the better deadlifters in strongman, his overhead stuff needs some work still but he is insanely strong. He also has the world record in the rolling thunder-one handed 2 something inch thick spinning handle deadlift- of like 300 something lbs.

Incredible. Not often Brad Gillingham’s deadlift isn’t the best of the weekend.