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Mark Dugdale: Europa Phoenix


Hopefully the judges reward him with a more appropriate placing this weekend. IMO he deserved a much higher placing than he received at the O


He's been one of my favorites for some time. I saw him compete live for the first time this past Spring at the New York Pro.


Yeah, he got completely overlooked at the NYP. You'd think a guy with his insane size and density, coming so conditioned would get a better look from the judges, especially in the 212s (He used to compete in the open for you younger kids reading along -lol)



He got 2nd place, great showing for the guy he has incredible lines


Curious, you think he deserved to be more than 3rd at the NYP? What wouldve been your top3?


I think in that particular lineup that my preference is for the more 'complete' physiques;
Sami, Aaron, and Marc. Yes, Jose is thick, and vascular, but I don't think he brings a very aesthetically pleasing package. Not that I always prefer esthetics over size, because I don't, I simply feel that when one competitor's size isn't especially dominant over the others in the lineup, then it basically becomes a non-factor when making comparisons.