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Mark Berry Squat Article


THE best squat article I've ever read was written by Mark Berry in 1934. See photos section of my profile. All I basically do is squat and maybe a little pressing as a cherry on top.


well that's nice.

you wanna link it up there, bad boy?


I have no link, but Mark Berry essentially introduced the squat to the world. I'm guessing he's talking about an article espousing the benefits of the squat.


Read his post again.
He has scans of it in his photos.
hold the mouse over his name/avatar and click on photos


In fairness to Roni I edited the post AFTER he asked for the link.


I tried to read it but even after downloading the image, using a photoviewer, blowing it up, then sharpening it, it was quite difficult and I gave up after perhaps 2/3 of the way through the first page, having been able to make out most but not all of the words. It would help greatly if better quality pictures could be put up.


Peary Rader wrote an aticle entitled The Squat for Almost Everything. I think the squat IS for everything. My version is the old school 1-2 high rep sets no belt, no wraps, barefoot (in warm weather) 100% raw, back deck (basement,etc.) kind. I'm convinced the squat is THE best exercise a person can do.

All the equipment required is (1) 300lb Oly barbell set $150 and (2) collapseable sawhorses $30 - so for less than $200 you have all you need build a helluva lot more muscle & strength using just the squat and a press (I like the 1 arm version).


An interesting detail to me re: the squat is the old adage "An inch is a mile". Never more true than when applied to the squat. Once at parallel & below the hamsrings are strongly involved whereas above they're not.

A coincidental detail is Berry's recommended method of 1 heavier set for a few reps then follow w/ what had been your previous limit for the remaining reps or additional 20 reps which is exactly the way I was doing my sets prior to ever reading this great article.


the squat truly is great... but a 300lbs oly barbell set? :\ Anyone seriously squatting should need more weight after some years of training, even if they do 20 reps...


I seriously doubt many people posting on this site can do 20 reps with three hundred raw.


I seriously doubt you know many people on this site...


who gives a crap. How much can you do for one?


Mason is correct, I can think of 10 people right now that have videos up that can all do 315 damn easy and I can pull 315 out of the pit 25 times if I'm repping out and didnt do deadlifts before. Good article but its reinforcing stuff that "we" being the majority of PL's and athletes already know. Squats = Man Pills

What exactly was the point of this thread......?


Maybe 1 in 5,000 can do 300x20 w/out a pause. More than likely less. We're in 100% agreement on Squats = Man pills.

300x20 is and always will be a helluva an accomplishment. Show me the badass who can knockout 405x20 w/out a pause in the lockout & I'll show you one THICKLY built hombre'! I'd put < that at around 1 in 25,000...maybe. Probably alot less than that.


I do 315x25 after my heavy sets every few weeks, I'd say I've done it on at least 8 occasions. I doubt my squatting ability is 1 in 5,000.


I compete equipped and my best is 650 in a USPF meet. My best RAW is 545. I can assure you my squats are below paralell and would pass in any meet including USAPL/IPF. Of all the lifters I have trained around, very few can do 315 for 20 reps, rock bottom completely raw (not even a belt). The most impressive squats for reps I have seen was the late Jesse Marunde doing 405 for 20 with a belt only.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_PJf6-F4WZU 405x26

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YqiNndr3tG4 315x42


Those are impressive. That does not mean it is a common feat.


I agree its a great accomplishment, but it's not like it's rare. There is ATLEAST a few dozen lifters on here that can rep 300 20x.