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Mark Alvisi USA's


Heres a video of mark alvisi training for the USA's. This is the show that Brandon Currry won to get his pro card. Alvisi is my pick to win the overall and get his procard.

He looks fuckin awesome. Wait til he gets into his wifebeater.



On MD's site, with their In The Trenches segments, they have 4 vids of him during the offseason, very solid dood.

Thanks for posting this!


Must be hurting for cash, that Mercedes looks like it hasn't been waxed in AT LEAST a day!


Yeah. I have been a fan of him since I first read about him in MD a few months ago. I thought he should have gotten his pro card before Mike Libertore or whatever that guys name is at the last pro qualifier.


That guys looks solid! But he may get disqualified for using the smith machine so much. ;p

Seriously though....he looks great and it will fun seeing how it all plays out.


I was wondering what would happen if some 150lber stepped in and tried to do cable cross overs while he was doing his 7 sets of 15. That would have been funny.


haha, and he's got a full on contract with Gaspari. Thats proper sweet.