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Mariusz Pudzianowski vs. Tim Sylvia

According to the bostonherald.com:

Pudzianowski has won the Worldâ??s Strongest Man title a record five times. The 33-year-old made his MMA debut in December and this show will mark his U.S. debut.

Also signed for the card are UFC veterans Rich Clementi, Yves Edwards and Houston Alexander.

"This will be the biggest card ever done, probably in the Northeast," said [promoter Corey] Fischer. "The UFC is coming here in August and theyâ??re going to have a hard gate to beat. I think this fight card will be better than what theyâ??re bringing."

"Itâ??ll be on pay-per-view and shown live in Korea, Poland, Canada and about 14 other countries," said Fischer. "This will have more viewers than (the UFCâ??s) show."

As of now, Moosin will be the first big MMA organization to come to Boston. As announced earlier, Bellator Fighting Championships will head to the Citi Performing Arts Center Wang Theatre on May 6 and the UFC makes its Massachusetts debut on August 28 at the TD Garden.

Should be interesting to see how Pudz does against a well established HW, even if it is Tim “the shaved sasquatch” Silvia.

sylvia stole that dudes shot (whatever his name is with the thread about marius

[quote]slimjim wrote:
sylvia stole that dudes shot (whatever his name is with the thread about marius[/quote]


I gotta think that if Tim actually trains, he should win this.

it’s funny that Marisuz, who only has one MMA fight is acceptable for Sylvia to fight and Wes Sims is not (who’s been fighting for over a decade)…

i think this is a weird matchup for both guys. if Mariusz drops his hands on his leg-kicks again, then Sylvia should have no prblem tagging him with a coutner-cross. however, if Mariusz takes him down, i can’t see sylvia getting up, or subbing Mariusz.

it will be interesting to see how Mariusz can evolve as a fighter.

This actually sounds like another show I would watch! Can’t wait. Although I feel like pud is just one of those freak show fighters.

If Sylvia takes this seriously he will probably win. Pudz is a dedicated professional, but I don’t think he has had enough time to develop his skills.

I wonder if Tim is going to show up at 300 pounds of lard again.

Somehow I’m not going to be shocked if this never happens.