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Mariusz Pudzianowski to MMA?



I saw this on the EliteFTS website. I think it's slightly ridiculous as strongman competitions and MMA are worlds apart. He's also fairly old, being 32. However, he has boxed and is a black belt in karate.

I also think he's too stiff, too big and not conditioned enough. He probably doesn't have any grappling training.

I think he would get embarrassed. Any thoughts?


he could straight crush some people. like literally crush them to death.


I think strongmen would transfer nicley to the heavywight division. ESPECIALLY if he has boxing and karate trining in his past. Anyone know what he currently weighs? Could he make 260 for the UFC heavyweight division?



actually, he's an accomplished kick boxer, black belt in karate, purple belt in Ju Jitsu, and his conditioning is freaking impeccable. Not to mention, he is a fucking champion and all around great athlete, no matter what he does.... I think if he commits to it, he's gonna upset a lot of people. Not saying he'll be the best, but I guarantee he'll shake things up a bit

And what do you mean he's too stiff? cause he's big means he isn't flexible? what, do you still believe in muscle binding? cause that's nonsense


He's actually pretty flexible and in good shape. THat's partially what makes him so good. Most other strogman aren;t in good shape. I remember seeing a viedo of him jumping rope doing dynamic stretching and swimming.


he weighs 285 at 6 foot 1 according to wikipedia.


i don't know where people get the idea that strongmen aren't in shape... ever done any strongman events? it takes a lot of endurance, agility, and strength... try flipping an 800 lb tire 9 times and then make your decision on whether or not they're in shape


Ok, I didn't know anything about him being a kick boxer. Did he used to fight professionally, or was he only an amateur? What type of jiu-jitsu? He looks like he's in great shape, but so does Houston Alexander. I'm just not sure how well he'll do in a fight situation.

I've seen videos of him jogging and running, and his movement isn't as fluid as a lot of MMA athletes I've seen. I know he's very flexible, and I realize that the term 'muscle-bound' as an excuse made by people who don't stretch regularly.

Strongmen are definitely in shape. I enjoy watching strongman events on television. I realize that they are incredible athletes. However, I don't know if his conditioning is going to carry over from events lasting 1 to 2 minutes when he has to fight five minute rounds.


he would be scary. i've always wondered when this would happen....

i think strongman would carry over pretty well, since you need a high degree of coordination and endurance as well as strngth (obviously) for those events. i'm sure if he concentrated more on MMA/conditioning, it would be no issue for him to make weight....

i think for a guy with his kind of strngth, it would be like Lesnar-Mir all over again, excpet he could do that to Lesnar. not sure how good his skills are, though...


i just think people aren't giving him enough credit... he has a champions mindset, if he's gonna train for MMA, i guarantee he's gonna put 200% into it and be in shape for it. someone like him doesn't pussyfoot around the idea of doing something like that.

i've wrestled and competed in grappling tournaments in the army... its not that hard to get in that kind of cardiovascular shape, especially if you already have an athletic background.

i'm sure a guy like that has been training for it for quite a while even before he let out any rumor of him fighting.. i'm not trying to suck his dick or anything, i just keep seeing people make arguments that he isn't going to do well because he's just a strongman... which is absolutely rediculous


Lesnar-Mir II happened primarily because of Lesnar's superior wrestling. I doubt Mariusz could outwrestle Lesnar. However, I'll bet his stand-up is a lot better than Lesnar's even at this stage.


Anyone that strong is going to be a handful for almost anyone on the ground or in the clinch. I doubt he needs to change anything conditioning wise. I have read a few accounts of his training that leave little doubt the guys is one of the best conditioned atheletes in the world. If he is training MMA he will be a beast. Champion, probably not but I bet he could put on some good shows if going pro is what he wants to do.


He would be impossible to handle for anyone outside of Lesnar or Lashley and of course Fedor.


Well, we'll just have to see. Personally, I think his inexperience and limited skill set will give him problems, as he's too old to grow in the sport. Lesnar and Lashley also came to MMA as relatively old fighters that were very powerful, but they had strong backgrounds in wrestling, so they could dictate where the fight went.

From what you guys have told me, his conditioning may not be as bad as I thought, so that's a plus. His strength will also probably translate well.

If he does end up fighting, I hope they grow him like Lashley, instead of just throwing him in the middle of things like Lesnar. I don't think the results would be very good for him if that happened.


yep. not going to be a world beater unless he has a much better MMA skill set than what it seems. doesn't mean his fights wouldn't be entertaining.


Marsuiz weighed over 300lbs last year. He said he got down to 275 while doing he polish version of dancing with the stars. I think it would be really cool if he transferred over full time to MMA after WSM this year. As much as I would hate to see him leave strongman.

Obvious problem is I doubt he could fight in America.....

On a somewhat related note Oli Thompson recently had a MMA fight. WSM competitor and Brittan's Strongest Man 2006.

Not exactly pretty........


Joking right? Why do people keep bringing up Lashley. He hasn't done jack and isn't even a top 15 hw.

Anyways, I am a huge fan of Pudz (both sides of my family are Polish) but he would get knocked out or submitted by any top 10 heavyweight. I'd like to see him do well, but it is very difficult to start MMA so late without a spectacular background in some kind of discipline (olympic judo player, high-level bjjer, collegiate wrestling champ, etc..)


he's a freak'in beast I would hate to fight that man. power and strength can at times overtake skill


I don't know how many strong men juice (the VERY few I've known all did) but he'd have to cycle smart, not do it at all, or not fight in Cali. Other than that I think I'd like to see this. I still think some heavy weights rely on brute force as opposed to skill. That's why the weight class is what it is, this of course is changing rapidly. All in all, I'd pay to see it, or watch it hacked online.


he's a freak'in beast I would hate to fight that man. power and strength can at times overtake skill