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Mariusz Pudzianowski MMA


From what I've seen on some other boards it looks like Mariusz Pudzianowski is gonna be competing in MMA. He was a pro boxer for a number of years and is a 4th degree black belt. He should dominate.


I'd love to see him batter Lesnor! Or maybe him versus Bob Sapp...


If he goes into MMA, everyone better quit. Lesnar's strong and Sapp is big, but Mariusz is on a whole other level. He's been WSM for 5 fucking years...


interesting. how old is he? and 4th degree black belt in what?


Fourth Kyu green belt in Kyokushin Kaikan more specifically.


I agree with you, not only because of his animal strength, but also because his movility is not limited and he has the ability to move, run and jump and has flexibility unlike many of his fellow competitors.


He is 32.


Apparently, this rumor has been floating around for a while now.


I wouldn't give any credibility to it until he got near a ring.


He'd be something to see but I'm not sure he'll dominate. He's going to have to drop some serious weight to get close to a point where he can cut to 265.

Plus he really will have no ground game to speak of. Big obstacles to overcome.

Best bet for him would be in Japan where they would use him in 'freak show' matches against Bob Sapp etc.


hes only 32!?


This should be interesting.

If he's got skilz, he should be fun to watch. If not, it should be even more fun to watch.


i was thinking the same thing

except Sapp, Sapp sucks and always gets owned.


i always root for the big guys but size and strength dont help in a technical fight, Royce Gracie proved that way back when.


Why should he actually cut down?


I think it would depend on where he fights if he would have to cut down or not. Some promotions have different weight classes and 265 is not the upper limit for a heavy weight.

He supposedly weighs in around 310, and he's 6'1", so he would have a reach disadvantage fighting some of the tall heavy weights. If he ever did fight I'd be rooting for him though (although I wish he'd just keep doing strongman instead).


Yeah but think about how fucking awesome it would be if he'd just pick one of those heavyweights and lift him above his head? I mean his max overhead press I believe was over 600...


Guys, I like Pudzianowski. He's obviously freakishly strong and remarkably athletic for someone his size, but he would get beat down in an MMA match.

Don't even try the Lesnar retort either. Lesnar was a college wrestler who's been training for a bit, not someone who's been doing axle presses and conans wheel for years. I read he was a boxer, but is that confirmed?

What was his record? For the record I think as soon as Lesnar fights someone with hands he'll get destroyed.


From wikipedia :
"Apart from WSM, Mariusz is also known for practicing martial arts (he is a fourth kyu green belt in Kyokushin kaikan). Moreover he was a professional boxer for 7 years before he started to compete in strongman competitions"

Yeah I think he's got quite a set of hands to match the strength. And I agree Lesnar's stand up game is a little overrated.


Rick, those all sound good but what was his record as a boxer? How long has he beeen training for mma? Has he abandoned strongman to dedicate himself full time to mma? Yes he's a big strong dude, but so is Bob Sapp. There's alot of questions that need to be answered before he's annointed the next heavyweight champ.


If he competes MMA in the states he will have to make 265 since that is the upper limit of the heavyweight division. Another hitch he will have to overcome is passing a drug test in the US. I guess if Lesnar passed he can too.