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Marius Pudzianowski's Routine?


I'm a big fan of Marius. Anyone got his full weekly routine? He only gives a sample of it on his site.



I saw a video of him doing a leg workout once. He worked up to a 800 pound squat for one rep (just a belt and knee wraps) then he did high rep leg presses with probably about 1000 pounds near the end. I didn't see the second part so I don't know what he does for hamstrings.


To tell you the truth I dont think Mariusz really has a strict routine, i think he just does what he feels good about. But hes always lifting heavy in the big lifts, squat, deadlift, etc. Like when he was doin squats in one of his videos, he'll prolly work 6 reps first set 3 reps on second 1 rep on the last set. He just lifts heavy as hell thats all i know.


Why do you want to know? Are you going to do what he does and become huge and strong like him?

And if you do find a routine of his on the internet, how can you be sure that's what he does w/out actually witnessing it?

It's like reading a top bodybuilder's program in a muscle mag and actually believing that will work for you and that's exactly what they do.


Why read anything then?


You mean Ronnie Coleman can't Bench Press the world?



Pfff...he WARMS UP with the world. Then he drinks the Milky Way for a post workout shake.


Because knowledge is helpful, but with all of the ish on this site, there is no point to look at MP's routine. His program is very unique to him and the drugs he uses, aswell as his strongman sport. Most smart lifters change things up frequently so a real "routine" would be hard to get on paper.


I saw an interview with him at one of the All-Strength Challenges from a couple years ago, and he said he basically works out in the gym Monday - Friday then does a competition or two each weekend...


There's plenty out there to read that isn't someone's exact program that you found over the internet.

I just don't understand the point of knowing what Mariusz does, or hypothetically does.




Drugs? Do you mean supplements cause the strongman athletes at his level are tested for steroids.


Are you suggesting that he does not use any anabolic steroids?

If not, then he should.
If he can get to that level of development and performance without them, he'd probably be the strongest, most muscular person know to man with them.

And yes, I'm saying that I do not believe that anyone can look and perform like that without using steroids, and using them intelligently.


you cant seriously think he is clean, cmon


he most definately does use anabolics, and for that matter so does every top olympic weightlifter, they just dont use them to the sickening extent that top bodybuilders do. getting tested simply means they have to cycle them intelligently :wink:.


Pudzianowski was later disqualified from the 2004 World's Strongest Man contest "for a breach of the new IFSA Strongman Health Policy." He was forced to return his prize money, stripped of the IFSA points from the event, and received a one year ban from competition. Pudzianowski did not dispute his banned substance violation and waived his right to have his B sample verified.

taken From :-


I believe this was a stimulant of some kind, not a steroid ban.


Go to his website and check it out. Try his routine and you would most likely be fried within a day or so if not hospitalized! Personally, I do not think he trains in the manner that he does on his website. I simply cannot see why this volume of training would be necessary for ANY athlete. I personally know some VERY strong dudes (not mentioning any names here to brag about who I know; and yeah, I have conversed with some WSB guys and Iron Island guys) and they do not do this!


The video was 0f Marius squatting 310 kilos or 682lbs. In the beginning of the video Marius says "Today I squat 310 Kilo or 800lbs" but the dude is from Poland and is not familiar with poundage. Still a good squat.


Strongmen have yet to be tested for steroids, but for recreational drugs. Marius pissed hot for cocaine.