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Marisa Inda Sets WR at Arnold: "Tiny Girls Lift a Lot of Weight"


52kg lifter at Juggernaut Training, and one of my favorites to follow since I saw her squat school video from the JTS site. Contrary to most, she actually ditched weightlifting shoes for flat sneakers to improve her squat. Excellent bench, and she deadlifts conventional which I personally love.

Check out her video from the Arnold on the JTS site, if only to see Chad Wesley Smith doing his most muscular pose in the background (LOLLLLL) after Marisa’s awesome 3rd squat effort.


Oh, she’s amazing to watch. Thanks for posting that, punnyguy.

It’s really fun to see her. Crazy strong, and she makes it look easy. I’d compete in the same weight class (although I’m a bit taller). She’s just phenomenal.

Funny story. When I first looked up some of the numbers at the local USAPL meets here in SoCal, I was just blown away. Local woman setting the CA records for my weight class, and just trouncing me. Then I realized it was Marisa Inda I was looking at!! Ha!


Powerpuff, I have an even funnier story: I stumbled upon one of her videos from 5 yrs ago (you know how Youtube puts in “suggestions” for watching) where she was “gym squatting” 295lbs with a spotter, and some dude commented 2 weeks!!! ago, at length, in a condescending (to put it mildly) fashion on how she really wasn’t strong enough to squat even 225lbs ROFLMAO!

Sounds like you might be planning on competing? That would be awesome. Since Ms. Inda calls herself “tiny” and you’re taller, that must mean you’re “not tiny”…


Oh gosh. That’s hilarious. I’ll bet he was embarrassed.

No, not right now anyway, but it’s been fun to see that my lifts are respectable at least. I have never had a big passion for PLing, although it’s fun to sometimes work on strength goals. I’ve been focused on learning the OLY lifts since last summer, and there’s very little carry over. Newb!! Haha! It’s more like golf. All technique. I’ve mostly trained for figure goals, and I love ballet. I’m only a couple of inches taller than Marisa, and not nearly as built through the quads, so tinier in some respects. wink.

I will say, Juggernaut would be such a fun place to train. It would be fun to get Marisa to coach my bench sometime. They sent a really great team to Nationals for WLing this year, and it was so fun to watch. A PLing friend of mine has one of their coaches doing her nutrition, and she’s just done great.


When I lived in the Bay area, and Pendlay was still at Cal Strength, I took a day long WLing seminar just to experience it.

The funny -for about the first hour, every time someone caught a lift in a shitty body position, some version of the following would ensue: you squat low bar?..stop!


She posted a video on youtube explaining why she uses a relatively narrow squat stance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBIJcxJvuwU


@Spock81 - Just tagging you.

It’s been awhile since I’ve lurked training logs. I hope all is well with training and life!


So fun. Ha! Some of these experienced coaches are going to take about 5 minutes to see all your flaws. Kinda humbling, right?

It doesn’t have to be training with Pendlay, or a really famous coach or lifter. SO many of us are mostly self-taught. BUT I’ve really begun to appreciate the value in training with people who are better than me. Even for BBing, I’ve trained a few times recently with a very talented young BBer at my gym. He’s been super generous about offering to help me, something I can do on my own, but still just really nice to have someone more advanced say, “Hey, I want to see you train your delts like this.” Nice. It’s easy to get in a comfort zone.

For WLing, I really like having a coach. It’s a must.

Wrong forum for this, but talking about tiny strong girls. I love watching her. The dynamic motion of WLing and Ballet make ALL the lights go on for me.