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I am a 19 year old that is going to join the marines.I got a 110 get in the gt portion of my asvab. I have never been in the military but I was thinking of "doing" force recon which from my knowleged it got disbanded but only some reserves are in it. I am lost and would like some to eplain. I asked my recuirter but does not know a lot about it. I was thinking of signing a Uz(uniform zulu) contract and guarantee a chance to try for it if everything else in bootcamp goes well. Also was force recon now marsoc?


Jesus Christ, your 19 and can't even remotely put together a decent paragraph. Anyway, google Stew Smith. And what sort of shape are you in? Can you run 10+ miles without staggering? Swim 2 miles?

Look, Marine Recon training retardedly intense, and if you can only run a couple miles, only do a few pullups, and can't do physical activity ALL DAY then you might want to think again. 3 months of boot camp and another couple months of infantry school is NOT going to turn a mediocre athletic person into a recon Marine. At this point when you fail out of the training, the corps will stick you where they need you, whether be it infantry, or a desk admin.


[quote]Tyrant wrote:
Jesus Christ, your 19 and can't even remotely put together a decent paragraph.

Lmao, holy fuck. I was just in kind of a shitty mood and that sentence was just the boost I needed. There is going to be a shit eating grin on my face for atleast the rest of the day if not the weekend. Thankyou.


MARSOC is a whole new alignment of Marine Special Operations it is not just the Recon Operators, just like Navy Special Warfare is not just SEALS and Army Special Operations is not just Green Berets.



From talking to some MARSOC guys who were Recon before the switch, all the Force Recon guys were folded into MARSOC and Recon was decommissioned. They were complaining about the quality of guys there since the switch, and also said the USMC wanted the Recon capability back, so it was being reestablished separate from MARSOC(Company level Recon, not Force).

Again, this is what I was told by a few Marines I went through a training course with.


Then thats fine but what I would like to know is does force recon exist or still active if not what the closest thing to it and I did google stew smith but he is a navy seal.


Ohh ok. I tried searching it and I read things that said about force recon but then other sources that said force recon was inactive. Thanks for making it make sense. So the closet thing now to force recon is battalion?


deepsquatter if you become a Reconnaissance Marine you will be just that and will likely serve in a variety of places including Reconnaissance Battalion, Force Company (yes they were reactivated) and MARSOC. You cannot join and just be a Force Reconnaissance Operator per se. It doesn't work that way.


The evolution of Marine Reconnaissance has gotten confusing in the last few years.

Here's a headline from 2D Forecon's reactivation:



If you do not mind me asking were you in some elite team? Also what should I tell my recriuter.. That I want to join marine force? What is the closest thing to force recon?


Tell your recruiter you want the 0321 MOS that's a trip to the Basic Reconnaissance Course. That's where it starts and you work your ass off and prove yourself from there.
Force Recon Marines are individually picked from Marines already possessing the 0321 MOS, usually afforded that opportunity after a successful deployment while assigned to a Reconnaissance Batalion.


Deepsquatter have you talked with a Reconnaissance Marine at all?


Boatguy was a SWCC


So do I have to ask for a UZ contract right away or can I wait and be just infantry for like two years and then if everything goes well I could ask to try for it or be recommended.


No I have only talked to a basic marine but no one in special ops.


"So do I have to ask for a UZ contract right away or can I wait and be just infantry for like two years and then if everything goes well I could ask to try for it or be recommended."

You can certainly go in asking for 0311 Infantryman and then try to go to Reconnaissance. Unless it's in your contract there will be no guarantees though that you will get the school once you're on active duty. The Corps owes you nothing that isn't specified in that contract.


No I nearly died in training and was seperated, but I've known a few Batallion Recon guys, and used to train mma with an active duty Force Recon Marine.

Also, Stew Smith is an ex-navy seal, but he lays out specific training programs for nearly every special forces, and tells you all about them.

Also, you can't specifically join Force Recon, you go through reconnaissance training and are they placed into Batallion recon or Force recon. Only difference is that Batallion is led by a batallion commander, and Force is led by a task force leader, and they usually do a little more operations.

Anyway, lets see some specifics on you, where do you live first of all, because that will have a large impact if you can find a special forces Marine of any sort, like a scout/sniper or if your screwed on that.

Also, how physically fit are you? Like I said before, if your not in fantastic shape going into basic then you'll have zero chance of making it through recon training. In which case your want to sign an infantry contract, then wait to volunteer for recon training when your in GREAT shape, or if you don't immediately have to join you could train at home heavily for say a year or so then head in.


"No I nearly died in training and was seperated"

That sucks Tyrant, glad you at least survived. I've seen guys get crippled and killed over the years. I had two limited duty boards myself. I made it through 24 years and train the new meats now, but I am battered. I'm in pain every single day, still moving though and still training.

Semper Fi!


I dunno your genetics but most recon are lean. Join the air force and get hyooge


I live in chicago and I only "know" one sniper(not special ops)in the marines and a navy seal which was my coach for football but I do not really talk to him anymore.I could do aobut 120 pushups around there my timed situps are not as good as I would like with 70 in a minute and about 15 pullups.

I ran track long distince(freshman year HS) and my best was 5.30. I am not as the mile time that I once had but I was thinking about signing delayed entry program so I could get my mile time better.