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Marine Speaks Out


Ya gotta love it!!!


Great video.


now they've gone done pissed off the Marines, haha!


You guys are, like, Nazis.


Marine or not, that man is an idiot.


Care to explain this?


Yes please elaborate on why the Marine Corp Vet is an idiot.


Probably because National Socialism (i.e. Nazism) is a form of Fascism, not a form of Socialism.


Whatever. they were lefties, you just can't handle it. They wanted to and did ban guns. the left thought that was so cool over here, that they copied the law as close to verbatim as possible. see the Gun Control Act of 1968.


They both straddle the same fence professor. " Hey!!! Thats not lavender, it's periwinkle!!"


They weren't simply lefties....as they weren't righties either. Don't ignore all the similarities to their ways that is seen in both the left and right.


Yes, Nazis were just like the US Democratic party. They both hated gays, and Jews, and Catholics, and blacks. Both hated bankers. Both advocated militarism and imperial adventures abroad. Both were extreme nationalists who tried to suppress any freedom of expression that denigrated the government. Why, they were practically indistinguishable!

I thought the guy had some good points, but that one was a clunker.


I was really hoping nobody was going to bother answering you.


The differences between fascism and socialism are basically, it does not matter. When you have capitalism, both are suck of close to the same kind. Both restrict eh individual's freedom. Try owning property if you are say, a Jew. Try owning a gun if you are say a Jew.

Try owning a gun if you aren't a member oft he party in the old USSR. The differences don't really matter compared to capitalism and freedom. The only thing the left advocates for freedom here is abortion.

Not your own money, your right to own a gun, your right to free speech and so on.


Spartititties still hasn't explained why this Marine is an idiot. Please do.


As a disabled veteran of the marine corps I would assume he would be getting his care through the government run va. This trend of comparing the opposing party to nazis or hitler is fucking retarded. You can pull out random characteristics and draw parralels to either party. It didnt seem like he was there to debate or ask a question but to go up and read his prepared rant


How could you assume he's getting his medical care through the VA? He didn't claim to be disabled. Also, even if he were reliant on VA care, that doesn't mean it's preferable, only that it's free. Comparing the opposing party to Nazis is extreme, but to say that they are socialists who will lead down the path to naziism/fascism/communism is not. I also trust he did plan to read a prepared statement. Not everyone can speak eloquently on the spot. A good example being our president. I do hope your VA treatment is good, but I know mine has been shitty enough to not use.

That said, your being a Marine has nothing to do with your point. It also lends you no authority in that regard.



It's been almost thirty years that the left has used the Nazi label, ever since we got rid of that clueless idiot Carter. you Reagan was a big meanie pants, so he must be a Nazi. IMO, it's time the right calls them out on it and uses the same tactics.

Unfotunately Politics with a capital P is a contact sport. You need some attack dogs, statesmen and others. You can't always be polite.

Calling Pelosi a a Nazi is fun and accurate in the way Mike described. I never heard of a communist government sprouting up from tax cuts, less regulation, no gun control, and demanding self reliance.



But the national socialist german workers party insisted that they were socialists.

My dear citizens! We are living through a National Socialist revolution. We emphasize the term â??socialistâ?? because many speak only of a â??nationalâ?? revolution. Dubious, but also wrong. It was not only nationalism that led to the breakthrough. We are proud that German socialism also triumphed. Unfortunately, there are still people among us today who emphasize the word â??nationalâ?? too strongly, and who do not want to know anything about the second part of our worldview, which shows that they have also failed to understand the first part. Those who do not want to recognize a German socialism do not have the right to call themselves national.

Only he who emphasizes German socialism is truly national. He who refuses to speak of socialism, who believes in socialism only in the Marxist sense, or to whom the word â??socialismâ?? has an unpleasant ring, has not understood the deepest meaning of nationalism. He has not understood that one can only be a nationalist when one sees social problems openly and clearly. And on the other hand, one can only be a socialist when he clearly sees that nationalism must triumph to protect the living space of a people from outside forces.

The source: Hermann Göring, "Nationalismus und Sozialismus: Rede auf der NSBO. im Berliner Sportpalast am 9. April 1933,"



Oh, well that's settled then. It's a good thing that the Nazi party never lied about or misrepresented their aims in any way. That way we can take them at their word when they describe themselves as "socialist". It's also a good thing that our understanding of the word "socialism" hasn't changed at all over the past 75 years, so that it remains crystal clear that Herr Goering was really talking about Nazi Pelosi back in 1933, even though she wouldn't be born for another seven years.

Likewise, you gotta believe Michael Steele when he says that the Republican Party is fiscally responsible and dedicated to reducing spending. Or Howard Dean when he says that Democratic proposals are "not socialist".