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Marine OCS and Weight Lifting?

Anybody with input on this I’d really appreciate it.

I have an application packet in for the Fall USMC OCS Class. I’m 20:30 3 miler, as of my contract PFT, haven’t timed a 3 mile since but feeling a lot faster. I can do over 20 pull ups with ease. And situps are anywhere from 90 to 100 depending on the day.

Anyway I was wondering if anybody could reccomend a weight lifting program that I could go on over the summer. I’d probably use it until the end of August and then back off for the few weeks prior to the 23 Sept. report date(this of course is assuming that I get in and don’t have to reapply for the January class).

I run 5 or 6 days a week, varying between longer distance runs (5 or 6 miles), shorter faster runs (2 or 3 miles), and speed work (hills or 400m sprints). I do pull ups, push ups, and situps 5 days a week mixed in with other Marine Corps type stuff ie body builders, mountain climbers, etc.

I’m looking for a lifting program that I can do that won’t interfere too much with my OCS prep since that is obviously my priority. Simply put I love to lift weights so I’m looking for a program I can do while I’m getting ready to head to Quantico.

Any other advice you guys can give, especially from those who have been to either boot or OCS, is appreciated. Thanks in advance…GET SOME.