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Marine Diet and Supp Question


I am going to be taking up to a two day physical indoctrination test for the sniper platoon in my unit and was wandering what suggestions any of you have for maximizing physical output for said indoc. The biggest thing is muscular endurance and fighting cramps as the Marines who fall out usually do so because of extreme cramping later in the day.

The indoc encompasses pretty much every physical stress there is. I wanted to spitball and see what any of your ideas are as far as supplement and nutritional timing and loading goes. The indoc is in two weeks.


Can you use supplements during the indoc, or would the need to be used leading up to it?


I can use during, it would just have to be a careful choice so I don't get dehydrated, pass out, die etc, etc.


In that case, I'd definitely go with Surge Workout Fuel and Beta-7.

There are others that would likely help as well, but you'll probably get the biggest bang for you buck from these.