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Marine Defends with Pocketknife


Thomas Autry, who authorities said will not be charged, was walking home from his job waiting tables Monday night when four people got out of a car and chased him, Atlanta police detective Danny Stephens said. One attacker had a shotgun, and another had a pistol.

“My first instinct was to run, but they cornered me, so I had no other choice than to defend myself,” Autry said. (Watch how the 6-foot-6 ex-Marine got ready to fight for his life – 3:29)

The suspects caught up with Autry, who yelled for help and pulled a knife out of his backpack. He kicked the shotgun out of one of the attacker’s hands and stabbed both a 17-year-old girl who jumped on him and a man who also attacked him.

The suspects fled in their car, but police found them later at a hospital, where the girl was pronounced dead. The stabbed man was in critical condition, Stephens said.

Autry’s attackers will face robbery and assault charges and are suspected in other recent robberies, Stephens said.

Autry, 36, suffered a cut to his hand and a bruise on his chest, Stephens said.

Autry said he was honorably discharged in 1992 after serving for four years. The Department of Defense confirmed his service.

I’m glad he is OK.

Better them than him.

He did the right thing - fucken kid’s don’t know their place anymore.

Why is a 17 year old girl running around causing crap like this anyway - that’s really just asking for it and the last thing I’d expect.

I’m really glad he didn’t get charged for defending himself. Hopefully this story will get around. Maybe make criminals think twice before attacking someone.

My history teacher last year was a 20 year marine vet, and he has the most rediculous collectio of knives I’ve ever seen. He brought them all in for us to see one day, coolest thing eeeever. And no, he didn’t break any laws because I go to prep school.

Anyhow the guy carries an unconcealed knife with him at all times. He ran the biggest martial arts studio in the world while at the marines.

Basically, you neeeeeever want to think about messing with a marine.

I’m glad to hear hes not getting charged.

I’m glad he was able to get away with minor injuries, too.

Moral of the story dont fuck with Marines.

Why the hell would they have tried to rob him like that? That is the stupidest bunch of idiots. I won’t suggest better ways of robbing people, but that is just a really really dumb way to go about it.

It never ceases to amaze me how stupid some crims are.

They got less than they deserved. People like that are dangerous and could easily take lives of innocent people. They should be killed, re-educated, or taken out of society. NOT allowed to roam the streets.

If that has happened in England the Marine would be on murder charge right now, his “victims” given legal aid to sue him and probably compensated from the government’s criminal injury fund.

Obviously the two punks bit off more than they could chew… but I don’t know, if I was going to rob someone I don’t think it would be someone that is 6’6" and has a high and tight… just asking to get punked.

fucking bitch got what she deserved. Glad to hear a victim finally has more rights than the criminals. The only injustice here is that any of them walked away alive.

I’ve had friends that have been jumped and beaten before, it sickens me. Thing is, most of the people that do this wouldn’t even look you in the eye if they were alone.

I’d like to comment on how bad ass it is that he kicked away a shotgun, defended himself with a pocket knife and suffered less than “minor” injuries.

great story. the video is pointless though. dont watch it.

[quote]JMac10 wrote:
Moral of the story dont fuck with Marines.[/quote]

Damn straight! Mess with the best, die like the rest!