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Marine Corps Training Event

Just wanted to post some videos of a Marine Corps training event we help at Iron Beast Barbell this weekend. We set up an 11 event course for future recruits to go through in hopes of preparing them for boot camp. We’ll do stuff like this all the time here at Iron Beast. If you live around gaineville, ga. come check us out. There are more videos on our facebook page and youtube channel

Looks to me like a lot of guys who need to get on a pullup program, stat. Still, recruit training really isn’t that hard from a strength perspective. It’s having the endurance to keep your strength that’s hard. Recruit training breaks you down, that’s the point. I’m glad they’re at least getting ready for it, it’s a whole lot better than being sent to pork chop platoon.

DEAD HANG motherfuckers.

Those poolee shirts were designed by the devil to make people miserable. They’re cut weird, they don’t breathe, and they itch.

I miss them terribly.