Marin & lubric: Let Madness Begin!

We are all in need of your vast knowledge and this is the appropriate thread for you 2 world renowned scholars to enlighten us with your devine wisdom. So please, Marin, share your view of what really happened on 9/11 with us, for starters

Just a reminder: We are all intellectually inferior to 2 brainiacs like yourselves, so be very detailed

Just some classic quotes made by Marin on you tube and here on T-Nation:

“You are a IDIOT. And i cant be that cause my IQ is 148. I am also the only person who lifts this kind of weights without steroids. Its not a regular lift but its twice more then any of you little fucks can do.”

“I spit on you and your entire family. Your mother is a hore, and you are her bastard cowardly grown son of sifilis hore. Can you bench press 350 pounds with a spotter??!! And this is over 350 on totaly fucked up bar. If I ever encounter you I shall smash your stinking face!”

“No, that woudnt mean that. Insult me if you want, thats all you can. That only means that your dumb and poor gifted in every possible sence and that I belong to 1% or less of gifted citizens of this earth. Anyway comment the lift not my mental capabilities.”

“I know that this sounds stupid and no truthfull but I believe that I am one of the worlds strongest drug free athletes.”

“I never claimed myself that I am a world class powerlifter.”

“Right now my training routine consits of 3 times bench press, and ones a week I do squat and deadlift.”

“I do benchpress and squat twice a week.”

may i ask why ur doing inclines on a smith machine? does it help more for regular bench or what?
“I dont do that. And I dont use smit machine any more. That was in the old gym.”-yeah right

“Americans have destroyed this sport with canvas double shirts and denim triple crap shirts.”

“You politics is the pollution of the world, but you will lose in the end. Hitler was better then Bush.”

“My results are not something special but that mainly because of equipment and sometimes judges who wanted me simply disqualifeid.”

“You ,make all Americans look arogant and thats why you will ,make America disapear as the worst civilization in the History of the world.”

“I know my power. And I know who I am. I spit on you all. Best regards , Marin Vlahovic”

And now for some interesting quotes from luburic:

“Like I said…Croatia rules”

"Why we have so many top athletes in almost every sport here in Croatia?

“But maybe because of our tough history full of wars we evolved to be somewhat stronger and tougher…”

“We are also one of the country with highest people.”

My personal favorites-
“9.Was Tony Kukoc a solid NBA player?”
“20.Does Zoran Primorac know a thing or two about table tennis?”

“Norway and Finland?! No offence to Finns and Norwegians–they are great in winter sports nad strongman,but come on!
We have top athletes in almost any sport!”

" Well,how many of that strong Samoans can lift weights that you use for warm-ups,Marin?"

“Fourth,YES, Croats workin in Iraq as security are special.Because of their experience in our war 1991-1995. and natural warrior talent,Croats are best men there.Now,dont take my word on that—do some research!”

“God is on our side!
God and Croatia!”

“Croatia rules!”



More great quotes from Marin:

" You call yourself our citizen, if I ever meet your chetnik face I shall smash your krav maga skill with my fists."

“So screw you anonimus soldier boy , eat a hamburger and stuff yourself with coke until you drop dead. And I dont hate serbs! But some history facts must be recognised.”

“You dan first stuff yourself, then find someone to fuck you up your G.I.Joe ass.”

“Dont you have some kurds to save? Cause you aint soldier, your a hore behind computer, an anonymus who has never done combat. I wasnt in armed combat, but I survived multiple attempts of assasination, here in Croatia, cause of my conflict with kriminal organisations.”

“No problem, anytime! As far as hamburgers do you know that you are eating pigs ears, feet, noses, and guts you fat piece of fagget soldier shit?!”

“Well it serves me right. These post of my really looks funny but its truth. Anyway stupid of me to post it. Have a good lauf you jarhead hore.”

“Find yourself a civilian or an Iraki women to have fun, raping and torturing. Your no soldier. Your just a coward wearing 100 000 dollars worth equipment, bulling civilians and hiding behind tanks.”

“As far as my mental capabilites and knowledge goes I can informe you that I am an MBA student on schoolarship wich I received mainly because of my IQ test wich 148.”

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Why waste all that time on such a loser then?

You want to piss him off? Ignore him entirely.