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Marilyn Monroe Lifting Ahead of Her Time




She's in the Dirty Pretty Things thread doing that, and this one was someone's avatar for a while.




That one of her doing the flat bench is ridiculous sexy IMO.


Those are SWEET pics!!! Love 'em!


For sure! Jeans and a bra, hells yea.


Bettie Page > Marilyn Monroe


The sup store I used to work at had the bench press picture up on the wall. People used to be shocked when they saw it, especially the mother's of some of the teens who came in to buy stuff. Was pretty funny.


Thanks for posting this thread up. I never had any idea there were photos of Marilyn lifting, or any idea that she lifted AT ALL.

Damn, that's sexy as hell. Now I see her in a slightly different light.


That's not to say Marilyn actually lifted weights. Maybe just a photographer tying to be creative.

I mean if you saw photos of Zack Braff with 5 lb dumbbells, you wouldn't think "Wow, Zack Braff pumps iron!"



You can't go wrong with either one here.


Whoa, Bettie's got a really nice set of... Rhomboids... and stuff...


Thanks for putting the pics up. She was such a stunner.


Many sources say she was an avid weighlighter. Maybe she wasn't deadlifting or squatting or lifting huge poundage, but she lifted. And can't argue with those results!


noooooo No one beats Marilyn


I read somewhere that Marilyn was an athlete. Well, that she loved to play sports and had palyed softball and also took dance classes. I don't know what it is about that woman, but she is so gorgeous.

just so lovely, like our Cheeta


She is truly timeless, she would be a superstar right now with her looks.


Dont forget yourself OG! you're beautiful and smart!
I imagine Monroe wouldn't be appreciated properlyif she were to begin her career in 2009. Imagine if Rachael Zoe got a hold of her!


haha! well thank you Ash

and I have watched the Rachel Zoe show... that is one tiny woman with the biggest mess of hair I have ever seen


I loved the bench poster since I first saw it. Very sexy!