Here’s the deal, I plan on smoking some weed with some friends in the near future. Now I know that THC can be estrogenic, just as alcohol is. I remember reading College Daze awhile back and it saying that if you are going to drink spray a dose of Androsol on your body before hand, I was wondering if it would be beneficial to do the same before lighting up a joint.

Bitch, bitch, bitch, blah blah blah. Have fun that day, but don’t make it regular, your looking good, keep up the good work, your roomy

LarryBoy, you’re on the wrong site. This is a site for people who wish to improve themselves and take care of their bodies.

Why would anyone who wants to improve their health do something stupid like smoke weed!

dont smoke weed …save your money and make better use of your time…dont be a follower.

Smoke that shit! If you do it rarely it is not really gonna affect you that much. It is just like driking, it will hurt you if done too often but once in a while is fine.

cmon people, if he goes easy on the munchies (or eats good foods), we all know that a day of smoking weed is most probably less harmful than a night of binge drinking or a ciggarett habit.

No, I don’t think I am on the wrong site. Cause I have improved my body and gotten healthier directly because of this site. I have seen some stupider practices and questions of people on this forum. I was asking a legitimate question. If everyone wants to get on their high horse and berate me, go ahead. I just wanted an answer.

Ahem, there is nothing wrong with a good blaze once in awhile. If I blaze one up its on a day off. Take it light.

Dooood, fourget whet iveryone sayz iz badd aboot smukin weed! I’s ben burnin sinc i was in tenth grade, it hdnt’ afectd mi traning at al. mi 12" arms r biggr then enyone elses en mi brownie troop. As four it messin’ with job performnc, thet is bs. I ought to knew, i wuz jus premoted to leed whopper flopper at Burger Palase. Jus follo the Wielder lfften princeeples n yu will du jus fin! -JOE

Use ecstacy instead, it’s much better for you. Instead of burning brain cells you’ll be burning fat.

Leave the kid alone, smoking a little bud isn’t going to fuck you up bro…just don’t let it become a priority, make sure you still eat right, train hard, get rest…don’t listen to these idiots that try to act all high and mighty…and about this site being for those that want to improve their bodies? yeah right, I forgot, everyone here is 100% perfect, even the ones that use illegal anabolics, right?? Whatever.

If moderation is the key and it is not healthy for do or get too much of any-one thing, then why are you saying to never ever be anything but Healthy Healthy Healthy??? There are many benefits to the fine herb that we call marajuana and there are some down falls. The down falls all come from excess in the case of marajuana. Sometimes the stress of work and training and Girl Friend just need to be smoked out. If you are worried about estrogenic effects why don’t you use some M on the day you plan to smoke and the day after?

I had no idea that the T-mag Forum had so many dope smokers on it. There must be some really positive benefits if so many people are in favor of it. I would really like someone to inform me of the many positives that smoking marijuana has.

The reason you get high is because it’s a type of poison. In the wild an animal would avoid that type of plant again because of its chemical defense (screwing up your mind). Of course some people are dumber than animals. Why do you think you get get high when you smoke it it? Because it fucks up the natural chemistry of your brain. If you have to smoke dope to have fun or chill than you’re a loser who probably needs mental help instead of covering up your psychosis.

dog, drink a shake while stoned. or eat a MRP. seriously, it helps take away the munchies and tastes better than ever!!!

Look folks, I never said anything about morality…it’s an issue of common sense and good decision making. The fact that there are even less intelligent things one can do does not justify marijuana use.

Every time you make a decision, it takes you closer to or further from your goals (assuming you even have goals, which puts you in the 3% club). So hey, have fun, lower the bar for yourself even more— I'm sure you'll have lots of fun.

As for ecstacy, it may not destroy brain cells, but it does destroy endorphin receptors, so good luck!

Finally, "stupider" is not a word.

Now, don't get me wrong, I don't care what drugs people choose to use, and I have no grudge against the person who started this thread or anyone else for that matter. But the point still stands...the use of recreational drugs is not only unwise— it's also generally a sign that your life is not as on-track as it could be. Those with ears to listen will hear, the majority, however, will not.

Now I don’t smoke marijuana or do any recreational drugs, but I do know people that do. Now I was on upn13 news one day and saw a long term study conducted on marijuana. Basically the study stated that in the short term Marijuana has little effect on a person, but in the long term it does impair your mental health.

Wow, I guess the weed that I hardly ever smoke has totally messed up with my grammar skills, thank you for pointing that Mr. “Holier than thou” Staley. Why is smoking marijuana going to deprive me of my goals? Like everyone said if I don’t stray off my diet or training, what’s the BFD! Just because marijuana is considered a recreational drug, it’s sooo terrible, well I put it on the same level as alcohol, so for all you guys who have that occasional drink, you better stop now, because you’ll never achieve your goals. Which leads me back to my original question, would Androsol help?

Alcohol will have a much worse affect on your mental health than marijuanna. It is funny to hear people who drink alcohol put down smoking marjuanna. Alcohol is much worse for your health but since it is legal it is ok to drink. Some people just don’t have a clue. Nothing but sheep.