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Marijuana Use


Has alcohol been link to a weak body of evidence directly linking marijuana usage to the development of schizophrenia and/or bipolar disease?


No, however alcohol induced psychosis does appear to exist. Alcohol is hands down, by FAR the more dangerous drug #acetaldehyde, which baffles me as it’s legal and accepted by society yet pot isn’t. However I don’t believe either are good for you (medicinal reasoning being an exception)


There is water induced psychosis as well.

And I agree, alcohol is double plus ungood for you.


Yes but alcohol can directly facilitate/cause psychosis. I believe cannabis can too as I’ve seen acute psychosis develop from it in other individuals (twice) Water can’t (unless they’re putting chemicals we don’t know about into our water supply lol)


Yeah over consumption of water leads to water intoxication (hyponatremia).


Cannabis is definitely mellower than alcohol on your short-term and longterm health. Too much alcohol, and the next day you feel your body has been poisoned. Too much weed, and you sleep great and wake up refreshed. Not to mention the likelihood of doing embarrassing or illegal things while drunk that seemed like a good idea at the time. About the craziest thing you’ll do while high is eating nachos and watching too much Netflix.

That said, if you take more edibles than you’re ready for (I have done this a few times), you do get the spins and feel nauseous for several hours (similar to dipping or cigar smoking if it’s your first time). It seems to last forever, and then, suddenly, it’s gone and you feel completely normal again.


^^^This. You wake up ready to hit the gym given the proper amount of sleep has been achieved.

I heard taking in straight CBD oil if youve over done it will bring you down a bit but dont have any experience with this.