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Marijuana Use


Has alcohol been link to a weak body of evidence directly linking marijuana usage to the development of schizophrenia and/or bipolar disease?


No, however alcohol induced psychosis does appear to exist. Alcohol is hands down, by FAR the more dangerous drug #acetaldehyde, which baffles me as it’s legal and accepted by society yet pot isn’t. However I don’t believe either are good for you (medicinal reasoning being an exception)


There is water induced psychosis as well.

And I agree, alcohol is double plus ungood for you.


Yes but alcohol can directly facilitate/cause psychosis. I believe cannabis can too as I’ve seen acute psychosis develop from it in other individuals (twice) Water can’t (unless they’re putting chemicals we don’t know about into our water supply lol)


Yeah over consumption of water leads to water intoxication (hyponatremia).


Cannabis is definitely mellower than alcohol on your short-term and longterm health. Too much alcohol, and the next day you feel your body has been poisoned. Too much weed, and you sleep great and wake up refreshed. Not to mention the likelihood of doing embarrassing or illegal things while drunk that seemed like a good idea at the time. About the craziest thing you’ll do while high is eating nachos and watching too much Netflix.

That said, if you take more edibles than you’re ready for (I have done this a few times), you do get the spins and feel nauseous for several hours (similar to dipping or cigar smoking if it’s your first time). It seems to last forever, and then, suddenly, it’s gone and you feel completely normal again.


^^^This. You wake up ready to hit the gym given the proper amount of sleep has been achieved.

I heard taking in straight CBD oil if youve over done it will bring you down a bit but dont have any experience with this.


At the moment I can’t really get over the oncoming anxiety issues that weed brings. Indica is my favorite since I mostly enjoy being mellowed out. My brain is already all over the place most times, and I’m rather emotional/sensitive, so Sativa often makes my thoughts race, and I get overly hyped/alert which ends up making me nervous/anxious.

I like CDB oil as well. I buy the little gummies, or the tinctures and put it in my drinks sometimes, or my bath water.


Not sure if you’ve tried it, but when using the different strains for anxiety/depression, you’ll also find the ingestion method can help a lot.

EG, if my wife smokes indica (bud) it will put her to sleep, if she smokes indica (oil, same strain) she gets SIGNIFICANTLY less sleepiness, and a lot more anxiety relief.

Compared to edibles, which actually make her anxiety worse regardless of the strain (although I think this is more of a dosing issue).


I really don’t have anything helpful to add to the thread, but my best friend and I took our first trip on our own to celebrate graduation (we weren’t able to graduate together, like planned) this past summer to Houston, and bought some CBD edibles from some store down there. Ate them when we got back to the hotel room and felt extremely relaxed, then fell asleep for several hours. Is that normal for a first time? We’d both smoked before but nothing of very good quality I’m sure.

The End, haha.


Are you positive you didn’t leave out some detail in that sentence?


In terms of how we felt after eating them? Like the effects? If that’s what you meant no, I just felt really calm, relaxed, and peaceful. We were watching TV and I know I quickly just feel asleep in the middle of the afternoon for several hours, after a few days of a lot of sleep. I believe my buddy across the room had a fairly identical experience.


Were these THC free edibles? You may have just bought a gross tasting muscle relaxer.

If it was a thc edible, dats some couch lock. You just got crushed by the dosage. Been there


I saw what you did thar.


I use oils, flower, and sometimes edibles. The other weekend I took a couple capsules of indica right before bed, as I was in a hotel and wanted to sleep well. I thought the capsules were 15 mg each, so my thoughts were 30 would put me out and I’d sleep great. Well, the capsules were 30 mg each, and I did sleep great. But when I woke up, the room was spinning and my stomach felt quivery like when you dip your first time or smoke your first cigar. Rough for a few hours, then it just lifted and I felt fine. Lesson learned. 60 mg is too much for me, as I knew, but I was surprised that even 9 hours later I felt ill.


When I was younger, I hadn’t really done much except hit a bowl from time to time. I’m in Denver for work, conference over for the day, get a 100mg candy bar from a shop. Text youngest sister, who’s been dealing pot for a couple years, asking how much to eat. She responds “Shit man it’s 100mg. I could eat 3 of those. Go for it.”

I’m about 30 seconds past wrapping up the candy bar, middle sister texts me. Look down at phone. “Jesus pfury don’t eat that whole candy bar pfurysis is fucking with you. You’re gonna get so fucked up.”

Shit was patently terrible.


aaaand that’s why we have siblings. No one else will fuck with you the way they will.


Sorry to revive a dead thread but I’m bored and thus was thinking about random things. I’m curious as to whether anyone here (who uses marijuana on a regular basis, so say anything more often than once every 4wks) is worried about the potential carcinogenicity of products produced from the combustion of marijiana (acetaldehyde, acetamide, benzene) to name a few of the numerous carcinogenic chemicals that have been identified as being present in marijuana smoke.

Studies are inconclusive, some stating that marijuana is far more toxic than tobacco in regards to carcinogenicity, some saying it’s about equal and others saying tobacco is far worse. Whether the difference in carcinogenicity from various studies is dependent on growth regulators and pesticides used on crops (vs organically grown, in Aus a large portion of marijuana is grown using various unapproved or even banned plant growth regulators that are fairly toxic upon combustion)

Sure, there’s edibles, vaping etc. But edibles are scary as fuck due to the fact that dosage can’t be regulated properly due to a (largely) unregulated black market, and even where cannabis is legal recreationally, genetics aren’t stable, and thus THC/CND/CBN and other cannabinoids/terpenes will vary between batches, thus you can never know how much you’re putting in the butter you make or the brownie you consume. Even legally brought edibles tend to (according to some literature) contain vastly different amts of THC, as a matter of fact, edible marijuana products appear to represent a LARGE portion of hospital visits (and have been linked to a few cases of people doing crazy shit resulting in death). Also 11-hydroxy THC (large portion of delta9thc once reaching the liver is converted to 11 hydroxy THC. Much more reaches the liver when eaten as opposed to smoked) appears to be more potent (and prone to causing unpleasant side effects like tachycardia) compared to delta-9-thc. Given how long edibles tend to last for the concept of them scare the shit out of me.

Vaping marijuana still exposes users to cardinogens, but at a lesser rate… That and vaping has a stigma attached to it (hipsters…), the cost of a vaporizer for marijuana is expensive (people who aren’t regular or even semi regular users yet enjoy a couple joints on occasion, or whatever I don’t really know how much it takes to get high)I’d guess it’s partially dependent on the THC, CBD concentrations/ratios of the particular product and individual tolerance. Anyhow these individuals won’t want to shell out a couple hundred for a vaporizer that will barely see use

So do any of you worry about the potential long term carcinogenic effect of marijuana smoke? Or potential long term problems with respiratory function?

For all we know a century down the line marijuana smoke could end up being similar to tobacco when it comes to affecting longevity. It’s very hard to study and/or associate cause and relation due to the unregulated market, widespread illigality of the substance and the fact that many (not sure about US) mix tobacco in marijuana in attempt to make it burn slower, other than that I’m not sure, I’ve never understood why one would mix tobacco with marijuana. Tobacco is harsh on the throat and lungs, INCREDIBLY bad for you due to the ridiculous amount of chemical fillers used in coorperate grown nicotine, carcinogenic byproducts of the smoke. Marijuana smoke doesn’t appear (at least for me) to irritate the throat at all.

I don’t tobacco ever, nor am I a frequent user (although I do like the feeling it gives me, I don’t plan out when I use, but I tend to save it for special occasions, as if it became a regular thing, aside from potential issues with prefrontal cortex development, although I believe this to be minor… And a decline in motivation (HUGE potential problem), the slightly increased risk of psychosis etc. if it became regular the concept wouldn’t be exciting anymore.

I just get curious about these things.

@NH_Watts @anyoneelse who uses marijuana but I don’t know and wonders about potential long term cancer risk.

I did a bit of research recently on the endocannabinoid system, cannabis, potential adverse effects, types of marijuana etc because I was bored, it’s legitimately fascinating stuff. In my non professional opinion I don’t believe marijuana is as damaging, both neurologically and longevity… Wise, compared to drinking alcohol to the point of intoxication. However the cannabis equiv to one drink is unknown (in terms of causing impairment). But 20$ worth of spirits every day vs 20$ worth of weed/day, I’d hypothesize long term the guy drinking 20$ worth of spirits is at a higher risk of premature mortality and numerous other problems… Excluding the outliers who freak out whenever they use (and develop acute or chronic psychosis)


There are pens that will heat your bud to the temp to burn and release but not reach carcinogen levels.

Also, edibles, wax, oils all circumvent this problem.

From the farm my sister ‘worked’ on in California a few years ago. This is not the case. Edibles are heavily qa’d and the process to create has become very reliable.

This is due to overconsumption.

Oil cartridge vaporizer pens cost sub $10 for me. I own several of them

You might be seeing these online in the form of foreign currencies or something. A couple hundred for a vaporizer sounds like a custom rig built to smoke out a group.

Cannabis is also a very large cost savings.

I could easily drink $20 worth of alcohol. I would struggle bus to get through $20 of pot in a day (or cartridge equivalent, as it’d be about a half gram of oil for me)


I’ve heard about (and seen) those oil cartridges, the THC content in them is something like 70-90 percent or something absurd right? Or do they have different potencies. I wouldn’t touch that with a ten foot pole

Whatever happened to the weaker stuff? And why is CBD so hard to find in marijuana these days. CBD is a controlled substance here, only option to get it is black market, however all CBD oil on the BM here is infused with THC… This makes it worthless to me

I’ve never had a bad experience with marijuana, but the ridiculous potency of marijuana these days without CBD/CBN (CBD somewhat antagonizes some of the psychoactive effects of THC and has relaxing properties), marijuana (the flower) was never meant to be 30%thc 0%cbd. However we’ve manipulated the genetics to extreme extents with training, optimum light cycles, PGR (in Aus), crossbreeding, optimised light cycles etc. This ain’t a bad thing nessecarrily as it gives lots of variety, however the increasingly potent marijuana is likely going to give a lot of people bad experiences and trigger episodes of acute/chronic psychosis in those predisposed.

Agreed, however I wonder which is worse for an individual at a neurological standpoint (alcohol is hands down harsher on the cardiovascular system, hepatic function, gastrointestinal lining, esophagus and more).

Marijuana has a MASSIVE stigma associated with it, I don’t believe this stigma will die down soon, and as I’m not an expert on the subject I’m not entirely sure which parts of said stigma are warranted and which are reefer madness type agendas.

There are numerous questions involved with the process of eventually regulating and legalising this drug worldwide

  • what age restriction should be enacted (in America it’s 21, probably the strictest in the world, in Canada it’s between 18-19 elsewhere it’s 18, if it’s legalised here in Aus it’ll be 18. Various studies show the earlier an individual starts chronically using marijuana, the riskier it is to mental health and potentially has detrimental effects on cognitive function, however depending on which study you look at, the risks appear to dramatically level off if the individual starts using after age 16-17, unlike alcohol which has been shown to induce profound neurological consequences regarding brain development in individuals under the age of 25.)

  • how much should someone be able to buy

  • should people be able to grow?

  • what penalties will be given for driving while stoned, and how will one test for the presence of impairment if blood THC concentration isn’t a reliable test? In NSW (worst nanny state, they’re testing for the mere presence of THC, so if you’ve smoked a joint a week ago you can get a fine lol)

  • what is the link between cannabis use, risk of cancer, psychosis and other forms of mental illness

  • what penalties will be dealt to people dealing without a permit?

  • penalties for minors possessing the substance?

We need more research, granted marijuana has been legal in the Netherlands for ages, its worked out pretty well.


The ones I smoke are 90-95%

Cartridges make micro dosing absurdly easy. Easily the most controllable intake after pure wax.

Bud is still very weak. 10-12% usually from dispensaries. Sub 10% from the street

Where is here? I can get CBD at gas stations in Ohio, and rec hasn’t even been legalized yet.

I would be very impressed if you were able to get ahold of this. This would easily be the strongest bud I’ve ever seen in my life. By a multiplier of 2-3.

Probably depends on the time frame you’re looking at. Not having a hangover aspect is an amazing benefit of weed.

It dies down more every year as legalization spreads. Arguably dying down at the fastest rate in history.

It works out pretty well virtually everywhere it’s accepted. It’s a biproduct of weed being absurdly less damaging than the widely accepted alcohol