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Marijuana Use


I’m a terpene


I bought a dab pen and experimented with marijuana use for the first time out of curiosity.

I’m envious of any of you who can “work” high. Sativa or indica, both make me feel discombobulated and uneasy. I get incredibly paranoid if I’m trying to do anything productive and it ends up shooting my anxiety through the roof, to the point where the only real use I’ve had from marijuana is making me laugh hysterically at my own jokes that I forget 5 seconds later.

Definitely very interested in any insight on the matter though. Is it just that I’m an anxious mess and marijuana just isn’t for me?


Maybe you are using too much. Ease into it. You went from a non user to a user of concentrates. Big jump.


" I wanted to see what cocaine felt like so I tried crack first" this is essentially what this equates to.


I used to be like a full time stoner. Then one day it became the worst thing ever.

Something changed. Some people just can’t. No big deal.


Yeah, I suppose it was a ballsy or stupid move. I’ve had some…really crazy experiences getting way too high though. Learned a lot about myself I suppose? Which is why I continue to do it…though the more time I spend doing the less interest I have. It never peaked either. It just kinda continues to get less and less interesting. A bit indifferent leaning to the side of enjoyment.

Aside from this I’ve had zero experience with marijuana EXCEPT when I ate an edible cookie thing and had to meet and sit down and have dinner with the mother of a really good friend (I was really young LOL). It was so much fun though. Probably as I was with my friend for a few days, but getting high completely alone is so fucking strange.

Interesting, I really feel that statement. Makes sense.


I would try some strains or cartridges that have CBD:THC ratios of 2:1 or higher. This will make any anxiety less intense, and allow you to get used to the effects.

For me, cannabis makes me sleepy and relaxed. If I were to socialize, I wouldn’t take any (or maybe just high CBD:THC ratio product). It makes me more introverted, somewhat uneasy, and socially awkward to take around others, so I prefer to take it at home when my responsibilities for the day are over.

I also don’t see how people can take cannabis and work/be productive. For me, as soon as I take it, it makes my worries fade away and my to-do list seem anything but urgent.


For sleep, relaxation, anxiety the best thing I have tried is Rove 10:1 cbd:thc cartridges.


This is me. If I have to think in any capacity at all, I can’t do it. It’s more of a chill in front of the tube event for me. Even at that, anything more than a very basic story line becomes difficult to follow.

I prefer vape because I want it easily controlled and minimal. It has a way of effing up time for me; like time isn’t continuous but a series of discrete increments that are only loosely connected to the ones prior.


That’s an interesting thing. I have an constant awareness of time. No matter where I’m at or what I’m doing, I know what time it is. I even wake up a minute before the alarm clock goes off so that I’m awake when it sounds.

If I lost that sense I’d probably become unhinged.


It makes for an unfun time. If I have too much and go walking, it feels like I’m walking and walking and walking. Then I turn around and I only went a block.


Good inferior olive function, or maybe its awareness I forget. I am the same way.



Quality semen doesn’t have anything to do with smoking pot. It has to do with who is adventurous. If your balls are functioning well, you’re more likely to have base jumped, pole vaulted, drag raced and smoked pot. If your balls ain’t working you’re more likely to be sitting around living a safe and conformative life.


Can any make you fly? Or shoot lazers out of your eyes?


If one takes waaaayyy to much or has a genetic predisposition an episode of acute (or chronic, not enough research) psychosis may occur in which it may be possible for an individual to think they can fly.

I’ve seen a case report in which one individual was convinced he had seven billion dollars in his bank account.



The epitome of correlation. He also ate oatmeal and read the bible.


He was smoking that crypto bud. Hell of a come down on that shit!


Oatmeal is clearly pro psychosis bro. Did you know everyone who has schizophrenia drinks water at some point in their life? Shocking

In all seriousness there is a weak body of evidence directly linking marijuana usage to the development of schizophrenia and/or bipolar disorders.

I was def not myself when I used marijuana, I became a social person (something which I’m not) thus it does alter personality somewhat. Alcohol does the same thing, but to a greater degree.