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Marijuana Use


Certainly not, if I was ever to legitimately experiment with cannabis (which is a bad idea as I have nothing to gain out of it, I’ll just stick to the occasional joint around a campfire or brownie with friends/ relatives) I’d never use something that’s 90% THC, sounds like a recipie for taking too much and having a shitty time.


I get my CBD from here and works VERY well! Not all CBD is the same. Dont get so hyped up on the numbers of how much CBD is in something. Realistically, the strain the plant is from has the genetics in it that can provide all the different cannabinoids to your system. This website also offers CBD that is terpene infused which is really nice. The terpenes is where its at! Specific terpenes have been found to help with certain ailments. Same thing with actual THC products they have the same terpenes in them as well but all have different amounts in each.


Legal in my state so no real need to be sorry. A lot of people I know grow their own. You can grow up to 6 plants per person for recreational use.


Great overview Rizla81. I was under the impression that the indica were way higher in THC thus the couch lock effects and ultra relaxation. I guess it just has more to do with the strain itself and how the other cannabinoids work on your system. The sativa that I prefer tend to be around 17-18% THC with varying CBD so maybe that has a bit to do with their mellowness.


@NH_Watts, I guess the easy way to remember it would be using the middle letter, so THC = H for head , CBD = B for body haha. There are so many hybrids out there, giving off all different reactions. Normally most Haze strains are sativa dominant. I have King Kong near ready ATM from big budda. The parents are Gorilla Glue + Cheese with a 75% indica / 25% sativa. The sensory effects are highly psychedelic / happy feeling . The taste is sweet and sour chocolate kush, ‘apparently’. Defo a night time smoke. Really helps my nerve pain and muscle ache from workouts.


Doesn’t matter. Fuck if Haha :slight_smile:


Interesting, Lemon Haze is one of my favorite day time weeds. Highly productive.


Hi @Rizla81 I am your new friend. I will be over later and help myself to some of that wonderful healthy nice smelling marijuana that you have. I will take notes and bring pizza.

Bro you make it sound like I’m straight missing out. Fkrrrrr… lolll


How much will you harvest per plant? I have a friend that gave me two plant babies but I had to give them to another friend to grow. These are indica Black Domina and are apparently knock you out strong. He gets about a pound per plant.


@NH_Watts around 30-35 ounces total this run I think. That’s spread out. 1lb per plant takes an awful long time and a really big space unless using scrog method. Normally them big beasties are done outside, though I have seen a couple indoors. That’s not normally the average home grower results. Most guys I know only pull 2-3 ounces per plant indoor. Never tried Black Domina, you can let me know how that goes .

@enackers more than welcome buddy lol, bring thon pizza.

You would think I’m an advocate for this shit, I’m actually not and would never suggest anyone start puffing, there are side effects like there are in everything we consume. Don’t do it youngsters … repeat don’t do it haha

going to add this in - why when I click to respond to a persons comment, it replies like a normal message sometimes ? I have to revert to linking names. Maybe that’s another side effect ffs haha stupidity


Hasn’t happened to me . Maybe it’d your browser. I’m on safari no problem replying


I guess my example doesn’t really apply to you then.


I will ask my friend. He is an environmental scientist and when he starts talking about it its a fucking lot of information. He has been doing this for over 15 years and knows what he is doing and yeah 16 ounces per plant. He has some crazy expensive bulb he uses too and probably around 30 bottles of different fertilizers.


I knew these scientists are growing their own shut. The dorky stoner looking guys… haha… probably don’t look like that… but hey… funnnnnny


Yeah that’s not this guy. LOL


I was wrong. About 8 oz per plant. This go around he managed 7oz per plant so no this best harvest. He has 4 1 gallon jars filled to cure/dry and it smells like lemony pine trees. Giant buds covered in crystals. Left my hands sticky after holding it. Black Domina Indica is not my jam but damn did it smell delicious.


A company called Cannabis Sativa actually has a patent on a strain that has an exceptionally high limonene content. It’s supposed to be a great work weed.


@NH_Watts I was almost positive that it was the other way around, and that Indica’s had a higher CBD content. Im pretty sure that’s the case, its why Indica is more sleepy.

@unreal24278 THC is modulated by terpenes found in different strains. So each strain having a unique blend of terps has a unique effect. Terps are flavors/scent.


Im still learning. All I know from my experimentation is Sativa=functional, Indica=couch lock


Yea, CBD lowers the cerebral effects of THC.

Lower CBD, and a terpene like limolene, is what gives sativa is buzz.

Look into terpenes, its interesting stuff. Lots of essential oils.