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Marijuana Should Be Legal


In my humble opinion marijuana should be legal. Your thoughts please.


Well, you convinved me.


Who cares?

The fact that it currently remains illegal has not stopped ppl from smoking it.


I agree - the good outweighs the bad when it's put to good use, in other words when it's not smoked.


Exactly! Thats' we bake it into brownies.


You got my point, genius.


If the leagalization of Marijuana reduces the consumption of it then we will GREATLY reduce terrorist groups funding.


You are leaving words out of sentences man.


Oh, you're one of those people. Yes, importing marijuana and marijuana use in the U.S. is the chief source of funding terrorist groups. Now it all makes sense.


I think it should. It's no more harmful than alcohol. Probably less so.


Weed harms a LOT of kids. Where I lived in the 80s and 90s you could go to the park and find a bag behind a tree if you were "lucky".

For a lot of kids there, it contributed to them starting to ditch many days of school starting in 6th or 7th grade and ending up with many of them dropping out by 10th or so. It was just a lot easier to spend the day in the hood and smoke or drink then ride the bus an hour (forced bussing) to go to a school where you weren't treated equally-and I'm talking about white/hispanic kids mostly. When I moved there, it was 30% black, and they forced bussing to keep the black ratio right at the different highschools. Within 7-8 years, they had moved the primarily black projects out, but they kept the forced bussing without ever going over the ratios.

WAKE UP GUYS. Sorry. I don't know how that would change if it was legal. It was "practically" legal where I lived if you didn't do something stupid-um...

...and it caused lots of problems for people of all ages. I never smoked though. I was too happy getting drunk all the time. For ME, nothing could have been more dangerous than alcohol, probably. I don't know, weed probably would have been the least physically dangerous drug for me and I would have killed myself on anything else.


Yes those canadian indoor growers support terrorism where they can. But even they are not as dangerous as those mexican terrorist guerilla growers.


Who says it would change? But since it's so ridiculously easy to get, I don't see an increased potential for abuse from legalization. The people that smoke all day long and do little else are will do so whether it's legal or not. Same goes for the people who drink all day long and do little else. I see the legalization of certain drugs as increasing the likelihood of abuse and availabilty. But I don't see marijuana as one of them. Less so than alcohol which is legal.






No question it should be legal for medicinal purposes.

It should probably also be legal for those over 21 (or maybe 18).

It can be harmful, but so is alcohol.

Legalize it and tax it.

I just don't see it happening anytime soon.


Agreed. It's been too demonized.


No, there were definitely a few kids who didn't try it because it was illegal, or because their parent could tell them that it was wrong to break the law, or they had a friend get a ticket. I don't know the answer (to the big question) but I feel very confident in saying that legalization would increase abuse somewhat.

Also, where do you want your kids going to buy their weed? 7-11? Can anyone sell it? If you have to have a license to sell it, you likely get a bigger black market than you have now. Age limit? And what about DUIs? Technically you could get a ticket for days after smoking weed. Can you be stoned on the job? Can you give it to a kid? Its not a question of just legalizing it one day, it is rather a question of how should it be regulated.


Well, I don't see it increasing abuse because the stoners who are going to wake and bake and proceed to stay high through the rest of the day will do it regardless of the legality. I know-I've been friends with a bunch of em. I'd be willing to bet a lot that the kids who never try it because of legality or their parents would, at most, be casual users if it was legal. Regulation questions would come up. But we'd deal with it just like we deal with alcohol. If you can't be drunk on the job, you shouldn't be stoned on the job, etc...


Maybe we should make a death penalty for weed smoking. Then consumption of weed by terrorists will go way up and they'll be all like:

"Dude... I'z thinkin we get this bomb ya see"

"Yea man... where we gonna get this bomb?"

"I'z thinking we go to Radio Shack man"

"Hey, next to 'Burritos to Go' man...lets stop in and get a couple of those smothered burritos"

"Cool idea. Check the couch for some change man"


If they are kids, they shouldn't be buying weed. What part are you missing? Why should grown men and women have to be treated like kids just because kids exist?