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Marijuana Raid Leads To Cops Shooting The Family's Dogs


Clip Description: This video shows a search warrant served by the Columbia Mo. police department. The cops bust in this guys house in the middle of the night and shoot his two dogs (one a pit bull that was caged in the kitchen and the other a Corgi) with children in the home. it turns out that rather than a big time drug dealer, this guy had a small pipe with some resin in it, a grinder, and what the cops here call "a small amount of marijuana" (meaning less than a few grams). We here in Colombia want everyone to know what kind of police department we have here, check out our "finest" in action.


This is why we have to stop the militarization of our domestic police forces. If he was a big time dealer and we saw guns and scales laying around, I'd be perfectly fine with this. Except the killing of a caged dog.

But instead we have a bunch of trigger happy cops busting in on bad intel, killing a child's pet and forcing him to watch his father get arrested while he and his mother get screamed at by these strangers with weapons. And why the hell do they kill a caged dog?!

Becoming a cop should require a certain amount of community service; at least that way the hotshots thinking that being a cop is cool because "they get to be the law" would understand that they are supposed to protect people, not treat them like potential criminals. Because that's the mindset these arrogant dolts get once they're handed their badge and gun.

No wonder "Fuck the Police" was such a popular song.


I try hard not to be a generalizing idiot, but this makes me want to scream, "I HATE PIGS!" from a fucking mountain top. Gotta go cool down.


Check out reason.com. They post shit like this all the time. They are not uncommon incidents. Its either the family pet getting shot or old ladies getting their doors kicked down, or some other assorted crap.

I saw a good movie the other weekend called the Union: The Business Behind Getting High. It starts off kind of slow, showing little growing operations, but really picks up showing how B.C. marijuana is grown as collectives where its really a totally outsourced operation where everybody handles a little piece. People are evening having houses built with secret rooms and grow lights built into the ceiling.

Then it shows how the drug war exists to keep police employed, complete with some pretty astounding numbers on budgets, man hours, and other stuff. Check it out if you get a chance.

I had a buddy who was already in a bunch of trouble get a joint planted on him after they found an empty cooler that reeked of dope in his trunk.

Its shit like this that makes me want to study bomb making, in the event that if something this injust ever happens to me.



Well, maybe now he'll stop smoking.


Burton said police have fielded questions from several agitated callers concerning the two dogs shot. Some callers have received incorrect information that the corgi is the dog that was killed for being aggressive toward officers, and others told police they were told the pit bull that was killed because of its aggressive behavior was in a cage.

â??Itâ??s simply not true,â?? Burton said.

The chief, who is personally conducting the internal investigation, walked reporters through his understanding of the incident. Three officers shot at the pit bull, and the first missed completely, which is when the corgi is believed to have been shot in the paw, he said. The pit bull acted aggressively toward a SWAT member again as they pushed into the home, which resulted in the animal being shot, he said. After being shot, it moved to attack a SWAT member, which is when the dog was killed.

â??It was not a mistake to shoot the pit bull,â?? Burton said. â??I wouldnâ??t be standing here if an officer had been bitten by a pit bull instead of the reverse happening.â??



for some weed? jesus.


I'm sorry but are people such followers that they believe in this shit. The government is a fucking joke! Why can't the majority of people see this? This is a grown ass man who probably works and pays taxes and smokes some pot. BIG FUCKING DEAL. There is NO reason for the police to rave his house and on top of that shoot his dogs.

I want to be a police officer in the future BUT I wish these fucking PIGS( and by that I'm not referring to cops but to these disgusting fucks shown in the video) get burned alive or die in the most painful way. Fuck em!




Just another example of authority in this country asserting that it can fuck with you whenever and however it wants.


The cops there are probably posting on forum like this one. They were just doing their duty, you know?


Legalize it and shit like this can't be justified.


Really? Over shooting a dog? You just stooped lower than their level, congrats.


I don't think any of this would have happened if he didn't have weed in his house. He knows it's illegal and puts his family at risk by keeping weed in the family home. He is obviously not very smart. Police can't just kick in your door, they would have to have some reliable intel.

BTW this is not about whether weed should be legalized. As the law stands now I don't see anything wrong with what happened.


You're obviously insane. Next time you speed I'm going to let the police know so they can break into your house and scream obscenities at your son.


Let's not forget that its because of the law that dope is worth more by weight than gold, leading to creating people willing to do all sorts of nasty, violent things to get paid.

Of course, the cops then can arrest some of these people and take their dope money to buy new guns/bullet proof vests/riot get/police cars, give themselves some new benefits and a higher pay, and hire some new guys. They can even use it to buy new radar guns and put cameras on every street light and street corner.

Forget that its marijuana in the first place, which has been shown to be less harmful than any other drugs, especially the legal ones, and has some beneficial medicinal properties. Big pharma can't patent a plant, so they keep it illegal and try to synthesize the active chemicals, then charge people even more for it, when people could grow it in their backyards for free. It would probably give them a much needed hobby, too, and replace half the pharmaceuticals drugs they and us taxpayers are paying for.

All the while, people are in jail, dogs are getting shot, and old retirees who have paid their debt to society are getting their doors kicked in, over something as stupid as a little marijuana.

Also, there are two kinds of drug dealers: those that need a forklift and those that don't. Maybe we should save the goon squads and firepower for the guys moving massive amounts of weight and not the guys who smoke a little weed to chill out and their housepets.

But its the law, so its alright that this kind of stuff is happening and we should just accept it and move on with our lives. Maybe we should turn on the TV and watch some sitcom or mind numbing reality show instead.



Have lots of stories from friends about those guys doing basically whatever the fuck they want.


Bull. Shit. Give a bunch of people guns with functioning adrenal glands and unnecessary force will be used. Doesn't mean they're in the right though.


I could care less. These guys are idiots. Not only are tax payers paying for these "huge operations" that lead to a couple grams of pot but on top of that these idiots shoot the dogs and give the child a horrible childhood memory.
Congratulations morons. I hope all that hassle was worth the 4 grams of pot you found :).


Unsurprisingly, reason had a thing on it: http://reason.com/blog/2010/05/05/video-of-swat-raid-on-missouri

The parents were charged w/ child endangering.