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Marijuana and T-Levels


I just read here on T-Nation that smoking marijuana reduces testosterone. I've been training for about a year now starting at 81 kilos (178 lb) and today I am 99 kg (218 lb) and I've kept about 18 - 20% bf.

I can tell you for a fact that I have smoked weed every single day if not multiple times a day during this 1 year of training. I've more than doubled my strength as well. One thing though, NEVER have I smoked in a day before training, always after.

Does anyone else have experience smoking and training? Maybe someone smoked and then quit, were there improvements? If I wasn't a smoker, would I be 120 kilos right now?

Smoking is a part of my life, but the gym is much more important. So far I haven't found any really concrete info to discourage me from continuing. The article I read was vague as well, who says that weed decreases testosterone? I hope somebody can give me some good info


No input on your question, but that's a pretty bud.


No one has good info. Most studies are garbage.

If pot is slowing you down cut back.

If you can keep a good job (or do well in school), keep good relationships and do well in the gym and still smoke go ahead and enjoy yourself.


exactly. i'd say those are damn good qualifiers for any habit.


I'm currently taking a break from training.... I still hike and lift daily but I'm not busting my ass like I've done everyday for the last 10 years..... for the last month I have been smoking about a full eigth every 24-48 hours and I can tell you unequivocally that this behavior would be completely and utterly incompatible with my usual training habits.


Wow you've never trained stoned before? I know a bunch of people who do. It also makes cardio less boring:D


I sure hope you're growing it yourself or that shit is going to get expensive! That's a lot of bud for that short of a span. Are you smoking these quantities to your dome, or do you share? Does someone match you at least? None of my business but I figured I'd ask for the sake of conversation.


This is a bit off topic but I think it's worth discussion...

What's with all the studies over the years that say that smoking weed makes you sterile and you won't be able to have kids blah blah blah??? They used to warn us all throughout high school about this as a scare tactic or something.

I shit you not, I know AT LEAST 30 or 40 guys who, in about the last ten years or so, have knocked up chicks like there's no tomorrow and they've smoked at least moderate (some are flat out pot heads) amounts of dank consistently over the years. That's got to be one of the biggest bullshit myths ever.


...and all this time I've been using marijuana as birth control. Fuck.


I'm not growing it myself; it's just expensive, unfortunately. And I'm prety much smoking it to the dome as you said. I need better connections so I can get some danks...... been smoking mids all month and it is getting old. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of pot acquaintances so that's been making thinks difficult..... you'd think getting the stuff would be easier for a guy living in Washington. Oh, if only someone would sell me some good weed.....


I agree with the others that stated if its not affecting your training or life in a negative manner then have at er.
Ive had a lot of intense work outs in the past when I used to smoke prior to going to the gym.
i dont feel that in the past I would have made anymore progress not smoking, nor do I attribute smoking to any of the gains that i've made.


That is a pretty bud :slight_smile:


I was smoking weed daily. I would work 5am-1pm at my gym, than train, do whatever i needed to do, and smoke at around 7pm so that I could pass out easily and get plenty of sleep. I would go to sleep easily and wake up fresh, and never noticed any differences and my training ability from when I did not, still made gains, felt the same, etc.

I've recently cut WAY back to pretty much just the weekends, mainly because it did slightly affect my relationship with my girlfriend, it just made me less likely to be down with going for a walk, or the little things you do in a relationships, but if i were single I would still be puffin.




For me it was like running slightly downhill (you feel like you want to sit, but your legs say no), but I was running on a flat surface. I went for a joint, and then ran outside, I think I would be too dumb stoned to be using weights though, as I can hardly remember the set I'm on when I'm not stoned. But it would be something to try, perhaps I'd be more alert, and be able to lift more. I was laughing when I saw other people, yetdidn't know why.

I even ran faster than I usually do, then came home and munched on cereal. lol.

I've actually done weights when (very) drunk one night, which is definately not a good idea. I thought I was the hulk. I thought wrong, when I woke with a hangover and in pain.


Man I am smoking some gooooooooood weed tonight. I paid $60 for this eigth of danks. I've smoked three bowls, and I feel like I've died and gone to Canada.


So does that mean heaven...or hell?


and I was thinking to myself that this could be heaven or this could be helllllll...


Most of the pot-heads I ever knew were major weenies. Soft, doughy, chub scout, whiny little mamma boy weenies.

I know that not ALL pot-heads are like that. But most, if not, all the smokers I knew were whiny little bitches.

I never could get into the whole stoner vibe, pot just made me feel really stupid and slow. I hated that feeling, but to each their own.


There is weed and there is weed.

Most commercial strains are very strong on the Indica side because of the short flowering cycle and the high yield.

Sativa strains take 2 times longer and have only half the yield, but you do not get stoned but high.