Marijuana and Steroids

Hey guys,

I am a regular weed smoker, usually smoke a small amount before bed (0.5 grams) and on my days off I often smoke a bit more. I have done two anabolic cycles already 12 weeks of test e only @ 500mg p/w and 12 weeks of sus250 only @ 600mg p/w.

I did not smoke any weed during my cycles at all. But when I am not on the juice I smoke almost everyday and it doesn’t not effect my training or diet at all, if anything it helps with recovery and makes training more enjoyable, I am not your stereotype couch potato stoner, I often go on 3/4 hour hikes while high, I workout in the gym while high and do many other activities.

Any opinions on smoking weed while using steroids?
My next cycle will include sus250, Dbol, Anavar and maybe some clenbuterol.

Has anyone else every smoked weed while using? Any bad side effects, health risks etc.

Thanks :+1:

A lot of guys do it. I’m not saying it’s a good idea, especially since smoking is in it of itself a bad thing for your health, but smoking pot and being on steroids isn’t unheard of. If you can go without it while on cycle then yes, that would obviously be better. But will it kill you? Probably not. (If you do die from it somehow please make sure your relatives don’t find this post and come after me for dispensing advice; this is all for entertainment purposes only)



My tomb stone will read “Death caused by bad advice from Iron Yuppie.”

I probably won’t smoke while using steroids but if I do I will keep it to a bear minimum like once every 2 or 3 weeks.

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Small amount? .5 gram is a very large joint’s worth and with the potency out there now days? Geez. I usually take one hit before bed :^ /

I was going to say this… in what world is half a gram a small amount lol

One aus I get Bush/compressed cannabis most of the time and 0.5 grams would absolutely floor me… probably because I’m not a daily user though.

As to cannabis and steroids there are two facets here. Cannabis alone doesn’t appear to be linked to an increased incidence of lung cancer, however it is proarrythmiac and frequent use (more than 1x weekly) has been linked to subclinical alterations in myocardial structure and function… whether this is based on cannabis alone or a cannabis/tobacco mix is unknown, as many studies (particularly those looking at lung health) fail to account tobacco is usually mixed with cannabis outside of America (Americans do it better in this case)

Tobacco paralyses the cilia, cannabis smoke contains toxins, but cilia isn’t paralysed thus it’s not nearly as toxic with straight cannabis… combine with tobacco (cilia paralysis) and toxins from tobacco and cannabis smoke damage the lungs

So do I… but I still find it super demotivating… and it depends on the batch I get how it effects me

Finally, cannabis increases heart rate and blood pressure, keep an eye on that, even if acutely… hypertensive crisis, even if brief… isn’t safe

If anyone has any questions regarding the effects of cannabis on the cardiovascular system (why, how etc) I’m happy to answer in detail… but it’ll be a very long response

Don’t smoke weed while taking clenuterol

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0.5 grams is a rough estimate, a quarter ounce usually lasts me 2 weeks. So on average that’s about half a gram per day. But some days I don’t smoke at all and other days I smoke all day long. Also 0.5 grams would not be smoked all at once, rather over 3 or 4 hours before bed.

Like I said I’m an active stonier, I get a lot of shit done during those few hours, cook, eat, laundry, clean, walk the dog, water the garden, go for a jog etc.

Ok, with 0.5 grams is smoked over 3-4 hours are we talking about taking one hit off a joint, then putting it down, picking it up again or… making like 6 joints, sprinkle a bit of weed on and fill the rest with baccie? That’s profoundly unhealthy if done daily

I only roll joints if I’m going on a long nature walk or plan to smoke in a public place, otherwise I use a bong, it allows me to smoke small amounts at a time, so 0.5 grams could last 4 hours by smoking one 0.125g cone an hour for four hours. And I never mix tobacco with my weed, weed is medicine, tobacco and alcohol are poisons.

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Do you have a medical card? If not, I’d hesitate calling it medicine… I call it recreational drugs, unless you have a medical need and/or a doctors script.

Good that you don’t use tobacco, personally I hate bongs, they’re disgusting, dirty utensils… I don’t know where you reside, in Europe and Aus the majority mix, it’s called a “spliff”. In Amsterdam the kids thought I was insane because I didn’t use tobacco when I had my own (won’t matter for long as the Amsterdam mayor wishes to ban tourists from using coffeeshops… I mean Jesus, revenue stemming from tourism will drop dramatically), but the truth is, once again… most can’t handle pure joints… they’re too strong, I smoked a pure joint (probably about 0.3 G… rolled it myself, not a pre roll) from a Californian dispensary once, I stared at the night sky for a solid 2 hours… When I closed my eyes patterns/scenarios would appear

Also… smoking in a public space… unless it’s a park/the city alleyways I’d refrain, I know for me… if I’m ever caught doing that I’m getting arrested on the spot

youll be alright. Just dont vape. I feel like that was fucking with my lungs. Weed is better. Always has been

Many case reports would agree with you… vaping black market thc cartridges have been Implicated within inducing serious lung injury

It’s why I’ll never touch those 1 gram vape cartrides… again…

on really stressful days ill eat a gummie containing about 8-10mg THC around 4-5pm. I only do it 2-3x per week max and im pretty lit the 2nd hour after ingestion. It is very helpful for sleep, i just have to have lots of Mio lemonade, as the cotton mouth makes me want to eat. But my high ass still likes hitting my macros so its not an issue from BB standpoint

My high ass likes indiscriminately eating everything in sight, being very ashamed the next day that I had a 5000 calorie dinner

Edibles absolutely floor me because I’m not a regular smoker, if I’m going to use them I make sure I have no plans for the next 24 hours… Though I got to a point in Amsterdam where I could handle them and still function throughout the day.

That being said, I certainly enjoy (for whatever) reason talking about weed… in my opinion it’s a super lame thing to talk about, but it’s interesting to hear/share perspectives on the substance, how it effects others (person to person drug interactions)

haha man its weird…alcohol makes me soo hungry, but THC just kinda increases my hunger a tiny bit.

And yes, i have had the terrible opportunity to eat an edible, then my wife surprises me with “we are going to my dads to hang out”.

Being stoned around your father in law who is very conservative life-long military…zero fun sir lol

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Also, i do think micro dosing THC (especially adding CBD) can help with chronic pain and anxiety. I have worked in the mental health field for a long time, and have high baseline anxiety. I find large doses of THC bad for overall mood and anxiety, but micro dosing with added CBD has brought me some relief.

Now, what we do not know is the long term effects of chronic use. (speaking on brain plasticity and neurotransmitters)

One day i will finish this damn APRN degree in mental health and hopefully get to be a part of clinical trials using THC/ketamine/psychadellics for resistant depression tx.

I don’t actually have any bad weed stories… I have one wherein my cannabis was laced with angel dust (second time ever using), but wasn’t a “bad” story per se

I have quite a few terrible stories regarding alcohol… one involving getting very drunk at a party, coming home but my parents had guests over (keep in mind I’m at the legal drinking age here at this point, payed for all the booze myself)… I get home but they’re still awake at 2am… the guests want to talk to me… I start talking, they immediately realise I’m smashed and start laughing at me… The next day I get the biggest scolding from my parents “you were drunk, they were around, do you know how embarrassing this is for us… I’ve never seen you that drunk… ever”…

No, but I did post a study up earlier on this thread regarding the effect of frequent marijuana use on myocardial structure/function

Now, I have chronic pain (fibromyalgia, BJHMS, post surgical nerve damage) etc… I find low dosages help tremendously, but I’m not going to resort to frequent cannabis use as it makes me feel spacey/demotivated, even in low dosages… high dosages actually appear to trigger muscle spasm/make things worse

I found in Canada however that milder strains (something called great white shark with like 6 percent THC 13 percent CBD) were FANTASTIC for chronic pain… almost as good as strong narcotic painkillers such as oxycodone, tapentadol etc.

I’ve tried all three of these… Ketamine like… twice… whilst in Europe… don’t tell anyone though…

The notion of psychedelics and 5ht2b receptor mediated cardiotoxicity is incredibly concerning. There is one study in which participants who had used MDMA weekly for the past six years had a very high incidence of valvular heart disease… Now MDMA also induces hypertension, a hyperadrenergic state and resultant tachycardia etc… but it’s a serious concern for those who like to microdose psychedelics… serotonergic psychedelics all have affinity for this receptor.

I can’t see ketamine being used for anything unless the dosage is incredibly low, well below a sub anaesthetic dose, it’s far too incapacitating… if you’ve ever used it you’ll know what I’m talking about

Same goes with psychedelics, I’ve seen the studies in which a single treatment session amoreliates symptomatology stemming from treatment resistant depression, PTSD for years afterwards, and yes, perhaps there is significant value here (I actually found there to be significant therapeutic value within trying shrooms in Amsterdam)… Had a few breakthroughs regarding past events/things that I harboured insecurities over, it was one of the main reasons I actually no longer have significant social anxiety… at least that’s what I chalk it up to.

Ketamine stimulates the sympathetic nervous system in a dose dependent manner despite being classified as a depressant. Similarly to alcohol (and cannabis) it is a depressant substance that increases heart rate… rodent models indicate long term use of ketamine induces cardiotoxicity (that can be ameliorated via the use of beta blockers) but as I’m sure you know rodent models are flawed in relation to differing antioxidant, elimination/metabolic pathways, differing receptors at times (for instance rodent contain 3HSD in skeletal muscle, humans don’t… thus DHT is anabolic within skeletal muscle for rodents but not us as DHT is inactivated into DIOL metabolites within skeletal muscles harbouring little to no direct anabolic activity)… still given the dramatic increases in HR/BP stemming from ketamine I’d tread very carefully… also, which desirable effects are present from which isomer (racemic vs S+ isomer?)… Esketamine is currently marketed for treatment resistant depression if I recall

I do think psychedelics could be the next big thing regarding treatment resistant depression, far less frequent dosing and fewer side effects… but I’d say tread carefully… I am for decriminalisation though, here you’ll easily get a prison sentence if caught with say, over a few grams of shrooms… any amount will net you a certain court date and probable criminal record… but the chances of getting caught are minute

You may not take into account the other properties of marijuana, but the fact that it relieves stress and relaxes you need to know. Moreover, in the long run, this can only help in building muscle. Stress increases cortisol levels, which leads to loss of muscle mass. The implication is that marijuana and steroids work together. I also say this from personal experience. Everyone has their way, so everyone decides for themselves. Some people do not care about the positive properties of marijuana, and they will not be convinced by any fact. This is exactly until they do not need the medicinal properties of marijuana.

Nah, the “pot is good for you” dogma needs to be quelled. For some with intractable anxiety, PTSD, certain types of epilepsy etc the drug can be a godsend with tremendous therapeutic potential wherein the benefits outweigh the risk.

But all in all, smoking pot regularly tends to have a detrimental impact on cognition. Everyone is different, everyone will react differently. The quasi addiction that develops for some can alter demeanour and overall mentality in profound, yet subtle ways.

Pot isn’t what the Nixon/Raegan administrations made it out to be, but this new push for legalisation and normalisation fails to take into account the fact that cannabis is associated with serious adverse effects within a small subset of people, and long term ramifications and potential increases in various risk factors associated with smoking the stuff are still largely unknown.

When you make a substance SCH I (or equivalent) it’s difficult to conduct research, so we probably won’t have a full picture regarding long term effects for a long time to come. That being said, I still believe cannabis ought to be legalised and regulated. It’s the better of two evils

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Very good post. It’s not as bad as it was once thought to be but definitely not something you can recommend for health benefits.

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“BuT iTs A pLaNt!!!”

“The Opium poppy and deadly nightsade are plants too, this argument means nothihg”

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