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Marijuana and Massachusetts


Go Mass. Does anyone see any difference in availability and price?



They need to decriminalize all of it. All.of.it. All criminalization has done is funnel money into gangs and cartels which is then shot back at us.


X2...Prohibition is and always will be a failure.


Criminalizing anything that I want to put in my body and effects no one else is a huge fail.

I feel the same way about vice taxes too though.


Quoted for it's truthiness.


Ugh. I don't want to be truthy - that's an effeminate Colbert thing.


Well, you know where I stand on the issue. LEGALIZE IT, even if the woman in the picture looks like she got the munchies too many times.


Heh. Is that where it's from? I had no idea. And, yeah, it's annoying.




Very true! The problem is that law enforcement gets massive funding and employment to fight something that they can never win. The drug war is a scam.


I love this jem from the article. "They (the govenor, attorney general and district attorneys) warned it would increase violence on the streets and saftey hazards in the workplace, and cause the number of car accidents to rise as more youth drive under the influence."

Dumb, dumber and dumbest. This from intellegent well educated mindless idiots.


They don't actually believe any of this. They can't. What governor would say to himself, "Gee, I'm bummed we're not spending millions putting people in prison anymore for marijuana?"

Their kids probably smoke weed, knowing the stereotype of children of the East Coast Overclass.


I'm sure they don't believe it, I pray they don't. They are politicans so you can never truly know.


anyone with marijuana should get the death penalty, it is very dangerous


Of course, on the flipside, I have to wonder how many believe believe in the individual responsibility to go along with individual freedom. No taxpayer dollars to be used to treat addictions, overdoses, etc.?


We are talking about pot right?


Is the above sarcasm, a joke or do you really believe this? If so, why?


The article is. However, there is some discussion concerning drug prohibition in general.


Understood. I would have to wonder about that myself. I would also agree with the no taxpayer dollars. I would however suggest using recovered drug money to help those seeking it. While not wasting money on those not seeking it.


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