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Marijuana and Libido?

I’ve made a few threads about how I’m facing a loss of libido at 21 years old, and have never used anabolic steroids. All my hormones are in the normal range, except for FSH which is slightly below the normal range.

The only thing that could have caused this is marijuana, which I have since quit, and stayed sober for a month but not noticed any significant changes in libido.

After staying sober a month, i went back to getting high once in a while, and on rare occasions, I got a rock hard boner while i was high. Lately, the quality of my morning erections has also improved marginally, but my libido is nowhere near it’s peak, and my erections are not hard enough to penetrate a woman.

All the studies I’ve seen say that marijuana could cause a TEMPORARY reduction in FSH levels which should peak again within 48 hours of staying sober, but mine doesn’t seem to have improved permanently.

I should also mention that i have watched some very fucked up porn in the past, (which i have not seen in 3-4 months now) maybe my problems are just psychological? Should i try avoiding masturbation for a while?

PS, i can induce an erection by stroking, but i never really get rock hard without touching my dick like i used to. Anybody wanna weigh in here and share their opinions?

As much as I laughed reading this I can see your obvious concern. At times I have had a fairly consistent dope use and did not experience any reduction in sex drive. I find alcohol to have greater effects. There are a few things I have noticed over time that have affected sex drive. 1. Sleep. 2. Training volume aka overtraining 3. Stress 4. Nutrition (getting enough fruits veggies) 5. Winter ( I live in Canada so we sometimes go months without sun or vitamin d it seems) get those in order and re-evaluate

E2 and SHBG, are those in check? You are on TRT correct? FSH shouldn’t be an issue regarding libido. Too high or too low e2, libido gone, SHBG too high, no free testosterone, libido gone.

Did you take any supplements, medication, or anything out of the ordinary lately?

It sounds like maybe it is psychological. You have the ability, and you are having morning erections, that usually means your hormones are in decent balance. Ive read on here somewhere that this can happen to frequent masturbators. Sounds like maybe you are in that same boat, with the weird porn comment. Post labs if you have em. At least TT, E2, SHBG.

Did you ever do gear?
Labs were prior to any gear?

You have so many thread to review…
Have you read these?

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Evaluate your overall thyroid function by checking oral body temperatures as per the thyroid basics sticky. Thyroid hormone fT3 is what gets the job done and it regulates mitochondrial activity, the source of ATP which is the universal currency of cellular energy. This is part of the body’s temperature control loop. This can get messed up if you are iodine deficient. In many countries, you need to be using iodized salt. Other countries add iodine to dairy or bread.

I have quit weight training since a few days, im doing more cardio, endurance, functional and bodyweight training. Im eating well, often dont sleep enough but i cover up with afternoon naps.

E2 levels a few weeks ago were 26 or 27, within the normal range. I havent checked for SHBG, but i’ve checked for FSH which always fluctuates between 1.3 - 1.45 (normal range is 1.6 - 16, so im deficient in a sex hormone) Last i checked, test was within the normal range, but on the lower end of the range.

I have never done steroids. The only illegal substances I’ve used are weed and clenbuterol. I’ve read stickies and havent used any hairfall medication either.

I dont always have morning erections, sometimes i wake up limp. I have noticed that im
less attracted to women now. Not sure if its a psychological thing causing low libido, or is the low libido causing less attraction?

I have to admit that i am a frequent masturbator (im getting it under control, i promise), I’ve been facing low libido for a year now, and i think if it were psychological i probably would have gotten past it in a few months.

I will check for thyroid soon.

Thanks guys

Are you on TRT? It doesn’t sound like it if your FSH is still that high. I assumed you were on TRT because of the board that you posted in.

Sexual function needs good T levels and good E2 levels. If T is low, good E2 is not enough. Thyroid matters. Libido and sexual function is mostly about the brain, so taking care of that is important.

Im not on trt and have not used steroids.

I did try KSman’s and HPTA restart but it didnt work.

I should mention this - after the HPTA restart protocol, my fsh was still around 1.3 (normal range is 1.6 - 16).

So i injected 250mg of pharma grade test Sustanon JUST ONCE to see if it increased my libido. I felt a mild difference in my state of mind but no improvement in libido.

Because of the injection, my FSH fell down to 0.97

I then did another month of HPTA restart to give it a shot. Thats when my FSH came back up to 1.4, and my e2 was 26. I then proceded to post here for further help.

I’ll get thyroid checked soon. Can thyroid problems lead to low fsh? Does low fsh necessarily have to cause sexual dysfunction?

It sounds like you should see a doctor. Libido isn’t going to increase from 1 injection of testosterone. You may need to be on TRT, but I don’t know your other labs. You keep equating FSH and sexual function/libido. FSH, follicle stimulating hormone, and LH, work together to help the testicles produce testosterone/sperm. Testosterone, along with estrogen, and especially free testosterone are what affect libido and ability.

I think you should go get a full work up and see a doctor for your issue.

We see so many guys with low-T and low thyroid function that it is attempting to reach for cause and effect. But perhaps such “normal” thyroid states are simple that common so we expect to then see that as common in guys with TRT. Simply no data as the medical community sees the world through insane lab range glasses.

It is no hard to get your oral body temperatures.

were you talking to me or HairyDinkBrah? Only reason I ask is I have another running thread with you where I haven’t posted my temps yet, but am going to today. Its in Buspirone. Sorry, confused. hairyDinkBrah hasn’t posted any labs I don’t think! besides e2. @KSman

I’ve noticed the same thing as you with marijuana. Smoked it almost everyday from around 18-22 while studying. I’ve since slowed down and quit completely, but only been about 4 months with absolutely none at all.

I found the same thing with my libido, and used to masturbate heaps when high.

But who knows, I’m unsure if there’s a connection

is there a specific time of the day i should check my temperature? I read in your sticky that thyroid hormones cause body temp to fall at night

Can you get your fsh levels checked? Or give me more details on what you’ve done to bring your libido back up? Did anything work?

From heavy weed use to a body that has no THC in it takes 3 months.
That could be an issue but not a common one. But it sounds like you are heavy into porn. There are a lot of studies showing a direct link to porn use and a limp dick in young men.

The stimulation is very heavy and you do not need a full erection to get off. If you want to read the studies, ask and I will post links

It sounds like you need to stop masturbating and watching porn. According to those studies it could take you a while to go back to normal. But you will go back to normal if you stop watching porn and masturbating. The weed certainty is not helping.

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Also you need to get your confidence back up with woman. Get yourself some Viagra until you are back to your old self. Only cum with a real woman for a while.

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I think you should post your complete blood work. Your LH, Free T and Total T could be in normal range according to doctor but it would be really low for a person of your age.
Maybe you can try restart .

thanks Verne, I don’t mean to bother you but if you could post the links, maybe I’d learn more about how to reverse this and rehabilitate myself.

I know I’m a mess, and this condition has only worsened my habits, its a vicious cycle. I have not watched porn in months, and have cut down my weed smoking and will quit completely soon.

I am still trying to get the masturbation under control too.

@sonudv8 I have tried a restart, it didn’t work.

I also tried a locally available version of viagra, while it did NOT give me rock hard erections, i did feel much hornier for the entire day.

I have plenty of opportunities to speak to and sleep with women, the only reason i dont is because im afraid of getting embarrassed due to my ED

I will take my oral temp once someone tells me whether i need to check it as a specific time of the day?

Will also do all labs again next week, once I’ve been sober and havent masturbated for 10 days

Here’s a link to a good article on how to deal with the problem. I will give you the actual case studies when I get home and look them up.


The fact that Viagra is not giving you a fully hard erection would leave me to be a little bit concerned about your circulation. It could just be a lack of stimulation. I mean it’s hard to keep up with sadomasochistic porn, 15 women and an extremely stronge rough calloused hand. no girl can compete with all that

That said have your blood pleasure checked your heart checked. If a product that increases the circulation to your extremities is not doing the job.you could have more serious issues. That lack of circulation could easily be everywhere and not mental

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