Marijuana and dieting...

Are any of you guys able to smoke pot regularly and still maintain a good diet? I keep falling into a pattern of eating well all day, smoking at night, then eating my body weight in junk food. What do you guys do to keep the munchies at bay?

PS: “Stop smoking” will be of absolutely no help.

easy. dont eat. i know this is hard from personal experience, but just cause you get the minchies doesnt mean you have to eat. or down some diet soda. or a protein bar. or my favorite- dont eat.

Brotha, let me tell you.

Although myself and Mary Jane no longer kick it, your situation is identical with what used to happen, and what happens to many of my buddies who do this!

They find they are doing two times as much cardio, taking clen/t-3, going low carb all day, etc., thinking that they can make up for the gorge-fest that will come @ night after you puff puff give…or don’t give! LOL…

The only thing you can do is save one meal for after you partake, or do this before your second post-workout meal, which for many is/should be the largest of the day. (first one as well)

Am I telling you to smoke and use the above to get by, absolutely not. But, you said I couldn’t tell you to stop smoking. :>)


If you choose to smoke, diet soda is clutch. Especially something really sweet like Diet Mountain Dew. You’re still going to be hungry, but at that point it should be much easier to eat a decent meal.

Stop smoking.

One word. GUM.
And if you still feel the need for food…eat healthy and in moderation. Not difficult. Mostly anything will taste good while you are “smoking”.

I am not going to tell you to stop smoking pot. Why would I do that? Just because it is five times more carcinogenic than tobacco. And also illegal in every state in the union. Some research even shows that it impairs the memory over time.

The least of your problems is eating junk food my friend!

personally, i cant do it. I have decided that if i really want to lose some weight, then i need to stop smoking (maybe occasionally). anyways, besides not pigging out at night, it feels good not to need twenty minutes to get out of bed in the morning cause im so groggy from the night before. in fact, im pretty damn happy that ive stopped smoking weed, thanks for reminding me.

Hey fellow pot-head! My girl and I pay attention to what we eat very closely…however we do endulge in the smoke from time to time…ok almost every night! What we found to work for us is…eat your meal before you smoke. If you smoke then eat what you are going to be doing is eating for taste, not to feed you body and you won’t stop eating. Eat a nice clean meal before you get lifted and just be disiplined brother, drink water and wait for the next meal. Just because you think you want to eat…you don’t man…just don’t give in. Good luck

I don’t smoke all the time or even all that often I suppose… maybe twice or three times a month, but I’ve had associates who’ve used the munchies as a way to get additional calories in a mass gaining diet. When they cannot eat anymore the just smoke a bit and then can fit in another one or two meals. Don’t think thats what your taking about, but I had to say something… :slight_smile:


Pot stimulates appetite, so you’d end up eating more than you would even though you don’t need to eat the food you’re eating.

Personally I think you should quit.

Haha, Friday is one of the best.

On to the post:
From your subject I thought maybe you had found a new thermogenic :smiley:

As far as dieting goes, it takes discipline. We ALL know that to get over this you should not smoke it, but you have already tossed that option out. So, you can do a couple of things.
Get whacked in a place where there are relatively healthy foods around. Twinkies and Doritos are not filed under “healthy”.
Another that you can do, like some have said before, is to eat before or make your next PWO meal right after, so you eat alot. BUT, you have to make sure that it is good food, not the forementioned Twinkies and Dortios.
It is all discipline and how much you want to make your diet work.
I personally cannot understand why someone would put time and effort into training/dieting to just ruin it with something that not only causes you to want to eat things that are molecularly closer to plastic than real food, but that also lowers your testosterone levels.

Stop smoking pot, dumbass.

Although we dont quite know why the munchies occur, it appears the more often you smoke, the less often you feel the munchies, so either stop or smoke more, but I would goto the stop smoking option seeing how much damage it does to you.
My theory of the munchies is that THC is fat soluble, when it gets stored some hormone (possibly leptin) is released and your brain thinks you are burining all your fat

I do smoke weed very regularly.
I don’t find it affects my progress at all.
I have consistantly, through 4 years both smoked and trained regularly, and even though I smoke far more now than ever, my physique is at it’s all time high.
You can succeed and smoke weed. Just don’t eat anything that isn’t on your diet. I find the hunger helps remind me to eat (!). I just usually get a shaker of 2 scoops grow and 3 tblspns flax oil for a delicious nutritious treat!
If you don’t have the will - the hunger to succeed than the junk food demon will get you regardless of whether you smoke green or not.

Go to an online Pharmacy and order either Phentermine HCL or Didrex. Do NOT use for more than 1 month, preferably two weeks. Highly addictive. Both run around the same price, a months worth should be around 60 bucks for either of them.

Drink plenty of water. Even water flavored with lemon or a little fruit juice. Taste is important especially when smoking. I get extremely thirsty when I smoke. When you are thirsty your body signals may misread as hunger. Also have healthy good tasting food ready for when you choose to indulge. Examples: Steak, yum, chicken with B-B-q sauce, as many scrambled eggs as you want. I have many times mixed up plain yogurt with several scoops of protein powder and gone back for more. A nice way to get in lots of protein and protein will help turn off the hunger. Keep drinking fluids. Stay stimulated. Do something instead of eating. Don’t get bored. Read, paint, talk to people, anything you can really get into. Ultimately you must committ in your head and heart to not eat junk food, regardless of smoking or not.

dude, why would you eat that tottally kills your high? Im personally a couple month break right now as i like to keep the lungs in shape :stuck_out_tongue: but yeah man, just fight the urge, its not hard, munchies are more of a newbie temptation :stuck_out_tongue: heheh

I had the same issue way back when I used to smoke. I just didn’t eat. The willpower that you can exercise when you are “sober” is the same when you are “stoned”. If you know you just can’t eat a bunch of shit, or just can’t eat period ahead of time, it could pull you through if you are really into what you are doing. Of course, smoking and wanting to be fit through it all is a flawed idea in the first place, but back in the day I managed by just not eating. I never had any garbage in the house either which helps. Since you would actually have to fix something, laziness helps out.

Just eat some more weed. I heard it’s a wicked time-released buzz.