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Mariam Power Interview Talkback

Hi everyone! First of all I would like to say thanks to Chris Shugart for calling me and interviewing me in the sport of Powerlifting and overall health and fitness…GREAT JOB!!!

Secondly, I would like to say THANKS to all the wonderful respectable gentlemen out there that wrote in positive and uplifting comments!!! However, Jason, I think his name was, must have a slight case of “small-man syndrome”, and Jason my friend…YOU MUST BE SINGLE!!! I do however apprieciate your comments, but for the record…I do squat 360 for 5 nice reps, and in 10 weeks in Reno, I’m gonna crack 425 lb deadlift in a record setting attempt…WOW eh!

It is a compliment that you find my lifts to be UNREAL, but I wish you could really meet me and see me in person, because you’d really believe that I am clean…and several writers are correct by saying that I grew up w/ a “hardcore” father that was and still is a natural athlete. I also have Dr. Sal Arria, Charles Staley, Bruce Markum just to name a few who are 110% behind me, and this rockin’ team is ELITE no doubt, and if I want to be elite, then I want to have an “elite” team , so there you have it. When my father attends the world’s with me along with my family, Sal and Charles…watch out boys because this girl will set a new standard in the sport. My goal is to always remain NATURAL, Christ the reason I do what I do is through PURE guts and determination, some vitamin C,E,B and good ole’ protein powder…what can I say?

I want to look like 100% female when I train, lift and in general. I hope other genetically gifted women will realize that DRUGS SUCK, and great deeds can be accomplished through “hardcore DRIVE”. Belive me, I am one to tell!!!

Loved all the comments no matter what!!! See me on the big screen!


Mariam “POWERHOUSE” Power

Hi cupcake! You seem excited at the thought of me being single. Want my phone number? Small man syndrome? No way, I’ve got the biggest one in four counties, muffin!

I think all guys here would love it if you will post on this board regularly.
Good luck with the DL record, i wish you 27 white lights !

Great to see you on the board, Mariam! Good luck at the Worlds and keep us posted!

Please excuse this most recent behavior of Mr. Baran. Jealosy concerning your accomplishments has driven him to pull all stops and start using Biotest’s mega super-powerful Androsol. Since his first sprays 48 hours ago Jason has been a raving, out of control hormonal experiment gone wrong. In addition to sending you a lewd response, a near-naked Jason has been spotted in the Boulder school district toppling over tricycles, stomping on sandcastles and raising a plastic jazzercize dumbell while screaming “by the power of grayskull, I am stronger than any woman alive!!!” please use your considerable beauty and power to talk some reason into Jason it is rumored that Cheryl Haworth is going to hunt him down and break him in half.

p.s. drop the forum a line when the movie stuff comes out!

It burns my ass when people get all self-righteous about steroid use. This applies to you and Miriam Power. I guess not everyone is as perfect and genetically gifted as you two. Worry about your own ass, not about what other people are sticking into theirs.

Hey, Blah, who are you referring to besides Mariam when you say “you two”? Me, because I did the interview? If so, then you’re mistaken. Hey, I wrote two articles on how to get the stuff, remember? (Getting the Gear Part I & II)

I do have a problem with people using drugs, claiming to be natural and then winning natural competitions. As old fashioned as it sounds, that’s cheating and it’s dishonest. But I don’t see anything wrong with a noncompetitive person using steroids to push himself past his genetic limitations. It’s a fine line.

I do admire Mariam for staying clean when it would be much easier for her to achieve her goals if she used. You have to admire a person who plays by the rules and still beats the pants off those who don’t. Sure, she’s got great genetics, as do all who make it to the top of their sports. (I don’t have great genetics and every pound gained is a bloody struggle. So again, if you’re referring to me, then you’re wrong.)

Also keep in mind that Mariam’s anti-drug message is aimed mostly at women. While I believe that women could benefit from some pharmacology, I think you’ll agree that we don’t need any more Kim Chizevskys running around deterring regular women from hitting the weights. From that point of view, I like Mariam’s message. Hope this clears things up.

Hi again guys, and I like the messages, BUT here’s to the gentlemen that figures I’m being too self rightous, and to worry about my own ass instead of what other people are injecting in THEIR ass…no self rightousness here, I NEVER worry about anything or anybody, I’m just stating my facts that’s all!!! It looks as though you are a little on the uptight side…wouldn’t you say? Anyway, I’ve got to go train, and do some windsprints!

This is cool. Hey I just had a thought – wouldn’t it be cool if Miriam wrote for t-mag now and again? I’m sure everyone would love it… and perhaps a good morning how-to with lots of pics, for instructional purposes of course? (haha, sorry, couldn’t help that one). Seriously, I’m sure the women readers would love it… and I promise you the guys wouldn’t mind one bit! Otherwise, go Miriam!

Miriam, if at all possible, keep us up to date on your results in meets and improvements in your training. Insert cheesy pick-up line here.

Mariam, please excuse Matt. He has never seen a woman before, so when he finally does, he loses his sense of humor, falls to the ground and begins to grovel, and engages in ad hominem attacks against any and all other males in sight.

Mariam you ROCK! Please keep us posted.