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Maria Shriver (Arnold's Wife) Cheated Too




Is anybody surprised? She's a Kennedy for crying out loud.


On a related note, did you know Jackie Kennedy was (apparently, according to Wikipedia --- my Googlefu revealed conflicting results) excommunicated?

Curious how she got a big Irish Catholic funeral.


He put the comics over her face and fuc%ed her for laughs... had to say that.


I wonder how many famous couples (not constrained by looks or money like us mere mortals) have agreements with their spouses - either tacit or explicit - of "Do what you want and who you want, but just don't embarrass me." Maybe Arnold's sin wasn't fucking someone else, but instead having it become public.

Edit: I wonder how many non-famous couples have the same agreement.


My feeling is you'd be surprised how many non-famous couples have agreements like this. It sounds sexist to say, but from what I've seen and experienced myself is that once a girl is locked in on a guy, she is gonna ride that relationship out until the wheels fall off.

Knew a guy that cheated on his longtime girlfriend all the time, openly taking girls out on 'dates' at popular bars in the area, but she was saving herself for marriage so I guess it was overlooked.

For myself, I've found that if you're open about your 'behavior' from the beginning and the girl is really into you, they seem to accept it as a part of who you are and what attracted them to you.

I had been hooking up with a girl for a while and the relationship discussion often came up and in response to me avoiding commitment she once said 'Well, I don't care who you fuck, as long as I'm number one.' Most likely this would have only lasted until we were in a relationship or at the most until we were married.

On the other hand, I also dated a girl that was a notorious attention whore/cocktease that expected me to be completely satisfied with just her affection while she fed her ego on a daily basis, but my mindset has always been if I'm gonna avoid full commitment I shouldn't expect it from my partner, I cheated on her constantly, but in my defense she also got locked in on me and wouldn't let me break up with her.

Moral of the story, if you're honest/upfront about it and don't brag put it on public display or continue into marriage, a lot of non-famous couples man or woman put up with infidelity at the hands of their partner.


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Exactly what I'm talking about, I did everything but fuck another chick in this girl's bed and she would not give in. Honesty with women is definitely a double edged sword, it frees your conscience, but you lose your mental sanity in dealing with that woman being completely enamored with you simply because you have the balls to tell the truth which is all they really want and rarely get.