Maria Sharapova: The New Ultimate T-Vixen

I don’t know if there is a post on here already on this, but I just thought I’d contribute.

Maria Sharapova won the Wimbledon Championship this morning, and I couldn’t take my eyes from her supple, athletic, graceful, and incredibly sexy body. Move over, Kournikova - the real tennis icon has arrived, and she has it ALL. This is just my opinion, but she represents to me what a T-vixen should be. Masterful in her sport, and unbelievable to look at. I know, I know…she’s 17, but I refer you to TC’s recent article on this topic.

What a girl! With the most beatiful body I have laid eyes on, amazing talent and the sexiest little giggle.

I watched the match today and rooted for her all the way.

What a babe and what a player. I hope see doesn’t fade away like Kournikova, though I suspect she won’t because she can actally play tennis!

I’d do her.
Lets face it though, the only reason she looks good is because most of the other women in Tennis look like PE teachers if you know what I mean…

What do you mean? they wear sweat pants that are too tight and it accentuates their package?


Had to look up her picture. Not bad. Better than the Williams amazons. I actually think a lot of tennis chicks are hot. The skirts are difinitely hot.

It is the whole Eastern European thing, women from that area are the most amazing creatures. I have a Girlfriend that is from Belarus (next to Russia and Poland, with an open border to Russia), she is the most amazing girl I have ever met. I met her last year when she was 17, but that’s the legal age here. Even if it isn’t I would have gone for her.

her and serena williams at the same time, whoa-yeah.

to put a face to the name…

hey simon, i have one here from belarus that i have been working for a while. absolutely gorgeous. i completely concur with your assessment. i get another shot this week. got any special mojo you can share?