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Margarine vs. Butter


Saw this today but don't know how long it has been around so maybe it's a repeat. Though not scientific I think the picture says it all.

I did not write or check to see if the quoted statement is true.


nice graphic, happen to have a link?


seems pretty easy to replicate this little experiment...


and yes, some scientists say the chemical structure of trans-fat more closely resembles plastic than food.

And that the dye color is added is or at least was true.


And people look at me like I'm crazy when I don't eat that shit.


The margarine myth is one of the biggest crimes of the food industry. Smoke, muscle and mirrors covers this and many other decisions made with profit and not health in mind.

Organic/raw butter for life.


I get pissed when I see shelves of the shit in the supermarket

And Adverts extolling it's 'healthy' properties always anger me





and yet, people claim obesity is up to the individual and it's their responsibility. When you work with people and you realize how many people are attempting to change, but are so confused as to what is healthy it's sad.


How about grass-fed pasture butter?

Nomnomnom Mountain Dog luv.




My parents always bought margarine while I was growing up and when you taste real butter it's so damn good! It's like cheese's little brother.


as long as it fits your macros bruh

just kidding though




calorie is a calorie dude


A picture is worth a thousand words. Wonder if there are any other foods that could be shown to be unhealthy in such a way.


John Meadows is right.....pasture butter and Ezekiel bread is pretty much the best combination anywhere.

I don't care if it's 10 bucks a pound, it's all I'm going to buy for the rest of my life...


This does not show that margarine is unhealthy. It merely shows that ants prefer the butter.

Have you ever seen ants all over ice-cream or a snickers bar?


chocolate, PB and peanuts, why the hate brah :smiley:


Don't care.
The less processed stuff in my diet the better even without any 100% facts. I am willing to bet that in the next few decades, people are going to find out hidden dangers with tonnes of processed crap.

I am now as pissed off as caveman