Marcos Maidana

Don’t know much about him… looks like he could be big in a couple years.

Anyone familiar with him etc…

Eh. He’s ok. He beat Ortiz, but Ortiz had knocked the shit out him until he lost all his heart later in the fight. He also lost to Kotelnik in a fight I didn’t see.

He appears to be good against the shittier of the 140 lbers. Don’t think he’s skilled enough to take on the real 140 lbers at the top of the division… he’s fun to watch though.

Don’t know much about him, but from just watching that video I’d say he’s still too inexperienced to move up the ladder. He reminds me alot of amateurs just on the bridge of going pro, albeit good in their own respect, still lack the economy of movement that most top pros master. Counted multiple times in those highlights while he’s flailing that a top tier pro would’ve took the opening and ended his night.

If he’s young, he probably could be someone to see in a few years.