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Marconilegacys Strength Journey

Hi all I will be logging all my workouts and food here. I am 15 and play football and am a powerlifter.


CURRENT DIET: I am currently for the next two weeks focusing on eating clean and the only thing set in stone is my peri-workout. Here is a typical day

Meal 1: 4 eggs cooked in coconut oil w/added kale

Meal 2: 5oz steak and veggies

PRE WORKOUT{45 MIN]- 1/2 cup oats, 1 tbsp Pb, 2 scoops whey

intra- 2 scoops MAG-10

POST- 5-6oz chicken, 1 cup jasmine rice, 1 tbsp honey

Meal 3-soem type of fatty meat or a shake with pb

Your food choices look very clean. The only minor problem I see is honey, which is a fructose bomb and best avoided. Here’s some info as to why: http://www.t-nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance_nutrition/the_evils_of_fructose

I don’t see anything that could have made you look bloated or soft as you wrote in the LiveSpill. Could be just one of those odd occurrences.

Generally speaking though, your diet is overall pretty low carb. Some rice and oatmeal, which is fine, but you may want to bump that up. I don’t like seeing a 15 year old guy going too low in carbs when he’s primed for muscle gains. Just continue to make good food choices, which you seem to have a good handle on, train hard and focus on packing the muscle. More muscle will take care of whatever body fat you may have.


SPRINT 3x6@30yrds w/90 sec rest

Deadlift: 290x4x5

bench press (slight decline) up to: 225x1 couldve gotten 2-3 then down to 155x6x10

pullup on rings focusing on exploding 6x5

tire battle 3x10 sec

meadows rows 5x8

bench press 165x4x5

front squat from pins 135x2 sets of HDL 5-4-3-2-1

Thank you Chris. I got the honey idea from John Meadows but will drop it. Second were should I add carbs in? Also how does my training look for building muscle? One more thing, I use supps sparingly but is there anything i should add to my aresenal other than MAG-10 and whey? Thank you again

I’d add some carbs at breakfast. Cream of buckwheat, quinoa, and Rice n’ Shine are all good choices. And maybe a piece of fruit. (I’m not anti-fruit; I just don’t think we need much.) Berries are always a good choice. I buy them frozen, then toss them into the hot cereals.

At your age you really don’t need many supplements. I’d suggest Metabolic Drive over plain whey once you run out of whey. It can also be used as a meal replacement when needed, or added to foods.

Creatine is fine too for a teenager, and very effective. I prefer creatine malate. No loading needed, easier on the stomach. We sell it here at the store, not pricey at all per serving. Not required, but something to think about. Right now, for you, it’s all about lots of good clean foods and hard training, which you seem to have covered.

Diet looks good man. I don’t think you need MAG-10 or any of those fancy supps. I would spend the money one a high quality protein, creatine, and some fish oil. I also think you should up the volume of your training.

Thank you Chris i currently use creating mono but when i run out ill get some malate. And i will definatley add some carbs to breakfeast.

@jtownlax How woould you go about upping my training volume


MEAL 1- 4 egggs with coconut oil and kale

Meal 2- 5 oz steak with veggies

Meal 3- 2 scoops whey with some fruit and nuts

pre wko 30 min. 1/2 cup oats 2 scoops whey and 1 tbsp pb

intra-2 scoops mag10

post- salmon and 2 cups rice with veggies

meal 4- whey and pb

TRAINING- CROSSFIT (ITS MANDATORY FOR MY FOOTBALL TEAM) but thnakfully one of the coaches is a defranco deciple.

Warmup- row 500m

band resisted sprints- 1-2-3-1

Bench to 5RM- i did light work while others went heavy

wod: did in groups of 4, my group one by almost 3 minutes

wall ball x30
sit up x40
overhead squat x50
row- 500m

our time was 16:35

was rushed so no accesory work.

SQUAT bar x2x10
240x4x5 did the first set with tight belt then loosend it each set till the fourth were i took it off

V-UP 2x10

VERTICAL JUMP- 5x1 normally these go before anything but fellt like doing them last today and they felt good.


meal 1- 4 eggs w/coconut oil and kale, 1/2 cup oats with berries

meal 2- 5oz steak, sald with hard boiled eggs

Pre wko- 2scoops whey, 1/2 cup oats, 1 tbsp pb

intra- 2 scoops MAG-10

post-1 cup rice and 5oz chicken

last meal- lots of egg whites and kale with nuts


was supposed to be military but decided on push presses

SNATCH-new movement. 85x3x3

SEATED ROW WITH BAND 5x5/5sec hold 4/4sec hold 3/3sec hold 2/2sec hold 1/1sec hold

PUSH PRESS- 90x4x5

PROWLER PUSH- with 445. push 20ish yards then lunge hold for 10sec, push back lunge hold again. DID THIS FOR TWO ROUNDS


MEAL 1- 2 scoops whey, 1 tbsp PB, banana, strwaberrys, oatmeal, and kale all blended with a half cup ice

10:00am- 2 scoops MAG-10

MEAL 2-5oz chicken and vegiies and some walnuts

pre wko-1 hour. 1/2 cup oats, 1tbsp PB, 2 scoops whey

intra-2 scoops MAG-10

post-1 cup rice with 6oz chicken

7:00 MAG-10 pulse

9:00-10:00- cheat day, not to much. working on controling it.

11:40-home MAG-10 pulse.


So I woke up this morning already had some MAG-10 prepared in the fridge, drank it down and then went to shower. To my suprise I looked in the mirror and looked tight and good haha normally I am soft and bloated but today its the total opposite. MAG-10 is pretty cool.


wake: 2 scoops MAG-10

meal 1- 4 eggs and 2 slice ezikiel toast with coconut oil

pre wko-45min 2 scoops whey, 1/2 cup oatmeal, 1 tbsp PB

intra-2 scoops MAG-10

post wko- 1 can salmon, sweet poatato

pulse MAG-10

went to soccer games for three hours

home- MAG-10 and protien pancakes

Nice log marconilegacy. Looks like you have things nailed down pretty good… especially for being so young! If you keep this up you will be huge by the time you turn 20…

@blaiser thanks for the positive feedback man! I dont like to predict lifts but im thinking im about 4 weeks away from a 500 pound pull, so be on the lookout;) lol

TODAY: So today is was superbowl sunday and I went skiing and ate what I wanted there then i came home and went to a superbowl party and ate what I wanted there too. BUT, I didnt eat until i was stuffed and uncomfortable wich is what normally happens when i cime in contact with “non-clean” food, this is a bad habit Im trying to break and it looks like its coming along. I think mag10 has something to do with this, every since i started i have not been “atrracted” to junk food. Being a FFB this has always been a problem.



8:00- 4 EGGS, 1/2c oatmeal


1:30- 3 eggs, 6oz pulled pork, sweet potato fries,cookie

5:30-nerual charge workout + MAG-10: 4 ROUNDS OF;
A1)high pull x5
A2)DB swing x5
A3)plyo pushup x5
A4)squat jump x5

6:00-11:00- hamburger, buffalo dip, chips, wings

11:30 MAG-10


SPRINTS-from different start position(kneeling,jump up from knees, push ups)-12 x30yrds

Deadlft-up to 320 xAMAP i got 10 reps

reverse band press 3x10 @175

pull-up on rings- 6x3-10

A1) prowler push x3
A2) sprints x3
A3) V-UPS X10



L-sit 3x6 sec above rings 3x6 sec hanging from rings
back lever progression 6x6sec
iron cross-1/2 way 3x6sec

A1)DB swing x5
A2)plyo pushup x5
A3)squat jump x3
for 3 rounds