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Marco Pantani



It is good to see in this article that someone is starting to speak up about how pro athletes are constantly being harrassed by anti-doping agencies. Though being a cycling fan I am sad to see that one of cycling's greats has died.


in Italy everybody knows that not only the 100% of professional cyclists but also the majority of amateurs take massive amounts of drugs. Apparently in the past few years, the Law prosecuted only the poor Marco. Because of this Law persecution, Marco lost his 2nd Tour de France really at the last minute. What about the other competitors ? Were they "virgins" ? I don't believe that.


What's funny is that, at least in Siena, it seems that few people understand "il doping." I asked if they worried about horses being doped for the palio, and everyone I asked told me that it would be "impossible" because it would be "too difficult to time." Weird.


I agree that it wasnt the first time for any of the others. They came down quite hard on Pantani that is for sure. I think because Marco was on top that is why they went after him so much. It is sad what happened to Pantani. He was awesome to watch climb and that is coming from an Armstrong fan. Watching Pantani and Armstrong climb Ventoux in 2000 was damn cool. The way they harrass Lance Armstrong is completely ridiculous. Even to this date though anyone from the infamous Festina team still has the doping aura around them.