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Marcin Dolega


sorry if this is old news, but I just came across it. 205kg snatch is the real deal. guys built like a beast too...

I know he hit 199 in 2006, anybody know if he has hit this much in international competition yet?


I'm pretty sure his 199 was his best in international competition. Current WR snatch in his weight class is 200kg, held by Andrei Aramnau.


Great thread,three times world champion and my favorite lifter!! He has done 201+235 as a super heavy


Well, that 199 was his best competition lift as a 105er, then. Forgot about that 436 as a super.


I will say the the physiques of 100-105kg elite level OLers are the best in sports, that is, the type that i envy/aspire to have, though I know I never will have...haha.


Yeah I agree heavythrower. Obviously there are some outliers... I would not want to look like Aramnau (I'll take his strength though). But Dolega would be my ideal physique some day.

And for 105kg+, I would give my right toe to look like Chigishev. I have a man crush on that dude, lol. Ihor Shymechko has a pretty lean physique as well.


For 105 physiques check out dmitry klokov and lapikov, Klokovs probably sitting at around 8-9% BF. All the Russians spare a few are jacked as hell
Heavythrower your avatar is freakin insane... holy shit.. slaps face!


funny thing, that avatar COULD be my wife's ass! she has a very similar build from waist down. lucky for me...i think I married her just for that reason.

I will check out Klokov and Lapikov...I have probably seen them before, I just suck at name recognition and recall...lol


Klokov would be the big shredded bastard who always seems to have a scruff beard when he competes and likes to yell everytime he lifts. Shows more personality than most lifters on the platform, he's one of my favourites to watch.


Yeah Klokov has fucking nasty arms and quads.





double fuck...


I wonder if he has that rare combination of genetics that allows him to look like that just from doing the Olympic lifts or whether he does some bodybuilding stuff now and then. Not that doing some bodybuilding stuff is bad for an OLer. I've been known to do a curl now and then, although it's quite rare. I'll definitely hit pull-ups and rows fairly regularly.


Klokov needs to be more expressive, I think - too quiet.


I am pretty sure BB training and Body Weight training is also thrown in the mix in a training cycle.


real man know is all about the ass.


Soviet elbow bends?


A good ass IS hard to argue against . . .




this might be the reason why Klokov is jacked, 157 kilo press!!