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Marcin Dolega WR Snatch


I haven't seen this posted here yet. Beautiful.

Here he does 202.5.


I love to see excellence and reevaluate my own efforts. Thanks for the posts.


Hell yes. I don't even know the guy and I felt proud for him. I wanna go lift!


Dolega's one of the biggest freaks going.

I didn;t know he broke 200 tho. Just sick.



Man, he made that look easy. Very smooth.


The best part is that second video...Just him and someone videotaping the lift so he can evaluate form later. That's how records get broken. Screaming and hard heavy lifting...


that's some beautiful rage


Glad you guys liked that. Next year around this time I'll have some even better stuff. My brother and I are going to Beijing and I'm bringing a camcorder. I'm still kicking myself for not taking pictures when I was volunteering at the world's in Vancouver in 03. I saw some crazy shit in the training halls. And I could've got my picture taken with Alexeev and Sulemanoglu!


The guys a beast!

I'm hopefully going to go to Beijing also :slightly_smiling:



Awesome vids, and thanks for posting them.

The other thing I like about the second video is the spareness of the facility. The places where the best weightlifters train tend to be very simple: platforms, barbells and weights, squat racks, maybe a hyper extension apparatus and a chalk holder. I love that.

The varsity weightroom of a typical American university is vastly more complex and better equipped. But ultimately it comes down to the athlete's grit, not the equipment in the facility.


But what about the lunk alarms?


Competing? Or to watch?