Marching In Place With Heavy Weight

I have a trap bar in my small garage and no room to walk with it. Could I just march in place with it to simulate a farmers walk, or are the mechanics too different?

It’s not the same but it’s better than nothing.

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Not the same in any capacity. If you are wanting to do actual farmers, you need to move and move fast.

What is the reason you are wanting to do farmers? I find the movement tends to be over prescribed.

  1. Open your garage door
  2. Pick up your bar
  3. Walk outside

You’re doing farmer’s walks.


The mechanics are definitely different and would lose a large part of the benefit. Moving is key. Very low step-ups (like onto one aerobic step) would be better than marching in place if you can’t actually walk.

This. There are very, very few cure-alls in training and I get the impression farmer’s are definitely the “in” thing for the last year or so. I think the Prowler was in the same light before that.

Alwyn Cosgrove called it years ago, the pendulum constantly swings for an over-reaction and under-reaction to methods, while staying closer to center is pretty much always a smarter/more effective approach.

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I imagine you live somewhere with light winters.

I wonder this too, but I do like them because they’re fun and challenging. I tend them use them at the end of a workout (like I did this morning) as part of a circuit:

Ab wheel rollouts
Farmer’s walks
Airdyne sprint for 20s

I do this 3x through. (CT had an article that had a similar setup of an ab move, a farmer’s walk, then a short sprint).

This definitely works if the sole reason you do them is for the fun and challenge. At that point, you need no one else’s permission to get it done: just do what works for you.

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I guess saying garage is probably a bit misleading. It’s more of a converted carport with a wooden gate that opens onto a communal alleyway that’s pretty much always in use. There’s not much room to turn with the bar and it’s too wide for the gate, so I’d have to strip it and reassemble it every time I move from carport to alleyway. So in theory it is possible (provided there’s no traffic) but it’s a PITA for what is essentially a workout finisher.

Mainly as a finisher and to hit basically everything. I’ve seen many people praise the movement, but it probably is overhyped as you say.

It doesn’t sound like this will do what you want it to do. But if you enjoy it, it can’t hurt I guess.