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March Madness: Who Ya Got...

Okay in my opinion the best sporting event of the year is coming up…that of course being March Madness…so what I’m wondering is…who does everyone got? I know its kind of hard to tell sometimes without seeing a bracket at this point in the season, but who’s your pick?

For myself I’m a Duke fan but I think the Tar Heels have a good chance this year.

Being a Chi-town man…I’ve gotta support my hommies…the Illini baby!

I would like the Tar Heels to win but i don’t think they will. In games that they don’t have the lead most of the time or don’t flat out dominate they have problems. They do not how to play from behind. I’m gonna take Illinois. and not just because they are #1 in the country. Just because they know how to play together as a team. But if the Tar Heels won i would be a happy man.

i haven’t seen a single team that i think will roll right through the tournament. north carolina lost today, illinois barely won, kansas always loses, wake forest lost. I think Duke could win, just because they have good coaching and jj redick is the shit even though he was putting up bricks the other night

[quote]Untamed wrote:
Being a Chi-town man…I’ve gotta support my hommies…the Illini baby![/quote]


This is a tough one this year. My team (which if my avatar and location do not give it away, is UConn) is just in a BRUTAL regional bracket in Syracuse. Seriously, what sick twisted fools put that one together? I like my Huskies, but I am also super-biased. The Illini are very tough no doubt, but there is no team out there that seems like a clear cut winner to me.


  • Return with honor.

Cinderella = Vermont

Being an Illinois alum who was in the same class as Kendall Gill and Nick Anderson, I’m picking the Illini to finish the job we should have in '89!

Being a die hard Tar-Heel since the age of 2, I would love to take the Heels, but they always break my heart. I think the champ WILL come out of the ACC, though.

Maybe Syracuse will go all the way. I’m a Utah man but I don’t expect the Utes to get past Oklahoma.

I feel your pain. I went to UConn for graduate work, but I live 45 minutes west of Syracuse, and am surrounded by Orange when I’m still used to Blue & White.
I’d prefer to see UConn win, actually, but if Syracuse goes all the way I’ll just blend in and not get jumped.

Anyone interested in starting a T-Nation pick 'em bracket? Yahoo has it set up where you can have private groups of up to 50 people.

I think it’d be fun. What do you think?